Top Questions When Hiring a Moving Company

Top Questions When Hiring A Moving Company

Questions You Must ASk Before Hiring a Moving Company

Top Questions When Hiring a Moving Company – You can’t just hire a moving company out of the blues. There are a lot of factors & questions you need to ask before you take this bold step. With the rapid technological advancements, there are many moving companies in the market that offer almost the same moving services.

Some of these companies are online-based that getting all the information about their terms and services may not be a walk in the park. Because of all these, before you hire a moving company, ensure you enquire about the terms of service, cost, etc.

However, taking a bold step to start moving without involving a legit service provider may land you into a couple of issues. That said, the following are some of the top questions before hiring moving companies.

1. Do they operate a legitimate business?

Before you decide to hire a moving company, first remember to enquire whether they operate a legitimate business or not. There are thousands of moving companies offering almost the same moving services and you may hire one, only to realize they provide unethical services.

As technology tends to give a globe a new shape, other moving agents also tend to evolve both online-based and virtually established. With the infinite information about their services, you may end up getting scammed by untrustworthy companies. Therefore, before you hire any of these moving companies, it is vital to ask whether they operate a legitimate business.

2. Are you working with an actual moving broker or company?

Regardless of how the company is well organized, providing excellent moving services the company provides, you still need to ask whether they are working with an actual moving company or a broker. Moving companies that operate on the internet are not legit but are pure brokers. They pose as companies selling their services at low-priced or even faster services yet they are big scammers. 

A faster service delivery and cheap moving charges doesn’t mean that it offers quality services. Instead, you should always insist on working directly with any of the moving companies. This will give you a room to negotiate on either pricing, terms of service, among other services offered at the company. Therefore, it is important to ensure you are dealing with the actual moving company.

3. Do they have an FMCSA-issued Authority?

This another one of what you need to ask before hiring a moving company. Finding a legit moving company that is regulated under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration‘s authority is not easy. The few that are regulated by the law provide ideal standards in terms of transport, pricing, etc.

Moreover, the regulated moving company may provide you with extra service; they also have a warranty of which they stand-in for any damage may be caused during the moving process. Consequently, contracting with brokers that are not federally-registered is not the worst choice to make. Carry out your research, ask friends with experience and probably hire a moving company that is FMCSA registered to enjoy their amazing services.

4. What paperwork will they provide?

Usually, the possibility to provide paperwork becomes another a must-asked question when hiring a moving company. Even though not all movers will provide you with paperwork agreements, some of them don’t even provide orientations that will enable you to understand the importance of these paperwork documents. According to federal law mandates, it is evidence that mover companies should provide you with at least a copy of your rights and responsibility. This is important in that, you will be able to know your rights as well as your responsibilities.

Also, a moving company should provide you with a paperwork brochure with relevant information, hotlines just for making any inquiries. When making agreements, you should insist upon written paperwork of your order of services, Bill of lading, detailed Estimate, and Inventory forms, among others.

5. What services does your estimate include/exclude?

What services estimate included in your budget also become what you need to ask before hiring moving companies. Just as said earlier, not all these moving companies are genuine; some don’t highlight their services to customers.
Well, whether they highlight or not, it is your role to identify with a mover just before you assign a contract.

Commonly, many of these moving companies quote the services over the internet or even on the phone call, doing this will fail to add some of the information such as storage, heavy luggage lifting, appliance, shuttling and elevator which are essential for you.
Therefore, before you agree on a moving quote, you must invite a professional estimator to survey on the value of the properties.

6. Do they have questions for you?

This is also one of the top questions when hiring a moving company. Since the whole journey entails a lot of queries, it is preferable to make a list of questions, and every detail you would wish to ask. Many of the experienced movers are well informed about the types of questions they should direct to you. For instance, they may ask you to talk about the content of your cabinets, attic, garage, basement, etc.

Asking questions is good for moving companies in that, it enables them not only to make a good decision but also they are getting prepared to deliver you well-organized moving services. So, when hiring a moving company, you should also expect to hear a couple of questions.

7. Are they licensed for In-state, interstate & International transport?

Are you planning to shift from one home to another? If yes, then, this is also among the top questions when hiring a moving company. With lots of transport issues, many moving companies suspend inter-state moving services. In case you may feel like moving outside the state, you may find it difficult, especially during the last hour.

Mostly, Federal law prefers the moving companies that extend their moving operations across state lines to be licensed with the FMCSA Authority. They are ready to provide you with the copy of their federal tariff once you ask for. Moreover, there are still other moving companies that substitute FMCA operations. Ask and check with FMCSA to confirm whether a mover company is up-to-date.

8. Do they belong to the American Mover & Storage Association?

With the infinite information about the best moving companies, you may end up hiring an inappropriate company that will lead you into unethical moving practices. However, moving companies along the American Movers and Storage Association are reputable to offer excellent services.

Despite all these, many of the moving companies may claim to belong to the AMSA, and with the rush of moving, you may end up hiring their services unknowingly. Therefore, to be sure of excellent moving services, ensure you ask for the companies under the AMSCA.

Hire with Confidence

Now you have all the reasons for moving, and you must know the reasons why you are moving, which type of company you need to hire, and even what are some of the services offered by the moving company of your choice.

As you prepare to hire a moving company like Pack And Ship Movers to provide you with excellent moving services, those are some of the top questions when you’re ready to hire us. The idea is broad, and it doesn’t end here, there are still couples of top questions to a moving company if you wanted to add any additional moving services. Therefore, do research; ask people who have already moved excellently for more questions you should ask these moving providers.

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