tips when moving during the COVID-19 pandemic

Helpful tips when moving during the COVID-19 pandemic

Helpful Tips for moving during covid-19

tips when moving during COVID-19 pandemic – Making any type of move can be stressful and can be overwhelming at the same time. However, making a move during covid-19 pandemic, can be even more overwhelming and intimidating. There are many more things that you need to consider during your move in order to maintain your family, yourself and the workers safe. If you are planning on moving during the COVID-19 pandemic, you will be able to learn more about these helpful tips and tricks that you can use to ensure that everyone remains safe and healthy during your move.

Tips when moving during The covid-19 Pandemic

1.) Do your research on the moving services 

Doing your research on the moving services that you choose is something that will help you know who the workers are and who they work with. During a pandemic, we all know that limiting human to human interaction is essential in order to refrain from getting the virus. It is important that you ask any question or concern that you may be having regarding the moving services that Pack And Ship Movers provides. Some of the questions that you can ask for what type of precautions are the movers taking in order to prevent spreading the COVID-19 virus. 

Another important question that you can ask is what type of precautions should you and your family take or are required by the moving company in order to maintain everyone safe. It is also important that you ask what the regulations and the policy is when pack and ship movers is diagnosed with Covid-19?

Having all of these questions and concerns answered will be able to give you peace of mind knowing that this moving company is following all of the state and nation rules that have been provided by the CDC. It will also help ensure that you keep your family as well as yourself and the movers safe during this big move.

2.) Packing & more 

Another very important thing that you need to do when you decided to move during a pandemic is to be very clear and have a set schedule for your move. They having a clear and set schedule for your move, you will be able to feel less stressed out about the move and more prepared as well. 

If you know the exact day and time that your move will begin, you will be able to prepare ahead of time and have everything organized and ready so that the movers can I just start moving everything from one place to the next. You will also be able to get all of the packing & more done. This is also a great way to have everything be less chaotic and a lot more relaxed for everyone in your family.

3.) Cleaning & disinfecting

Cleaning and disinfecting is important in any type of move. However, it becomes a lot more important that you clean and thoroughly disinfect everything that you own during a move when there is a deadly virus. Making sure that you clean and disinfect all of your belongings will help ensure that you stay healthy, that your family stays healthy and that Pack And Ship Movers are in a healthy environment as well. It is important that we do our part so that we can help maintain these essential workers safe and away from any type of harm.

You will also feel a lot better about your environment knowing that it is clean and all this infected because you will feel a lot less stressed out knowing that you’ll have to clean and disinfect everything all over again when you settle in your new place. If you have a hard time cleaning and disinfecting your belongings, you can hire a professional to help you get this done.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that the more that you clean and disinfect your home, the less likely that you will be exposed to the virus. Some very important things that you should clean including door knobs, light switches, desks, toilets and faucets because of these surfaces or likely to become more exposed to send some more people are likely to be touching them throughout the day.

4.) Social Distance

Maintaining at least a 6 feet distance between you and the movers can also help prevent getting anyone sick from the virus. It is very important that you and the movers have a set plan on how you guys will interact with one another. It is also very important that you washing your hands, wear a face mask and overall communicate over the phone or through email so that you guys do not have to be face to face. 

Limiting face-to-face interactions can be a great way for you to remain safe and for your children as well as the movers to remain safe during this whole moving process. It is also very important that you keep reminding your children and your family members to wash their hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds.

5.) Postpone the move if you have any symptoms of the virus

If you or anyone in your family suspect that you may have the virus, it is better to postpone the move and to leave it for a later time when you are sure that you do not have the virus. If you are feeling any symptoms related to COVID-19, it is necessary that you isolate yourself and postpone the move so that you do not infect or expose anyone else to this virus.

By following the tips and tricks listed above, you will be able to help ensure that you & your family remain safe throughout the entire moving process of Pack And Ship Movers. He will also be able to feel a lot more relaxed and less stressed out if you follow the tips and tricks listed above. Remember, as long as you follow the rules listed above, you will be able to settle into your new place with less stress and with a lot more excitement to start this new journey with your family!

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