The Best Moving Supplies Checklist

The Best Moving Supplies Checklist

The Only Moving Supplies List You’ll Ever Need

The Best Moving Supplies Checklist – Pack And Ship Movers have many years in the moving industry which makes our movers highly experienced.  So we’re here to tell you that every move is different but we know that there are several valuables in your home that may need extra precautions, so having a list of all the moving supplies is necessary to enjoy a more comfortable move. Also the current pandemic has made it hard for many of us to access some of the supplies required for the move but It is possible to order supplies online. It is essential to plan and have all the necessary items for the move. For instance, you will require sturdy moving boxes, all kinds of tape, wraps & padding during the move. It is good read this moving supplies checklist before moving.

Moving is an exercise that will require a lot of resources. It is good to involve experts in the move. The experts are in the best position to develop the right strategies that can make a move comfortable. Pack And Ship Movers has experts who can guide you in the process. They have been helping people undertake their moves with many helpful moving services. Working with them can be a great way to move conveniently.

How to find moving boxes during COVID-19 pandemic

It is essential to narrow down on the only moving supplies you’ll ever need, then start searching for them. Going to online platforms such as Amazon makes it easy to get the moving boxes. It is good to get the boxes from online resources. It is easy, and they will be delivered to your home, making it easy to adhere to the health regulations. The online platform makes it easy to get the supply list for moving conveniently.

Number of boxes required during the move

There are several factors to take into consideration during the move. Take into consideration the items to be moved. Homes with a lot of items require a lot of boxes. Generally, between 150 to 70 boxes can be a great way to go about it. Start early and take note of the sizes of your items. People with large items require big boxes. Ensure you get the big boxes, and the move will be comfortable. There are several factors to check out before reaching the boxes. 

Some of the factors are listed below:

1. Number of rooms

Before you check out the supply list for moving, it is essential to check out the number of rooms. Many moving boxes supplies will deliver the right among of boxes if they know the number of rooms. The online moving box calculators can help indicate the number of packages you will need to enjoy the move.

2. Years spent in the home

A home where people have stayed for 20 years will require more boxes than a place where they have waited for two years. It is good to de-clutter the home where you have stayed for long before you start the move. The process is necessary because it will help in getting rid of the excess items during the move. It is essential to only move items that you need.

3. Number of people

The only moving supplies you’ll ever need will be determined by the number of people in a home. A home where many people will have many items, and they will require several boxes. When many people spend time in a given home, they will have many items.

4. Square footage

A large home will accommodate a lot of items. It is essential to check out the size of the home before getting boxes. Large space areas will tend to accumulate a lot of items. Ensure you go for several boxes if the home is big.

5. Kind of lifestyle

People have different lifestyles. Some are involved in collecting items, and others are modest. Collectors will have a lot of things. A modest will require an average number of boxes. Minimalists have very few items. They will need a few items.

6. Change of lifestyle

The planning, packing & more process will run smoothly if you take into account your lifestyle changes. You may have been a collector, but you decided to become a minimalist and sell most of your items. In such a case, you can have a few boxes and still enjoy the move.

Different types of moving boxes to use

There are different types of boxes to use during the move. Pack and Ship Movers can offer advice on t eh right steps to be taken to achieve the best moving experience. Common types of boxes are as follows:

Small moving boxes

The boxes are necessary for fragile items and collectible. Heavy items need close packing, and the boxes will work well for them. Small boxes are easy to handle. Pack them together to save on space.

Medium Moving Boxes

They are the most common moving boxes. They work for small appliances and household items; they are compatible with dishes and glasses. Glassware requires careful handling. The boxes work well for them.

Dish Pack Kit

The boxes come with compartments that can accommodate dinner plates. They are also effective for saucers, bowls, and salad plates. They require foam padding to isolate the different pieces.

Glass Pack Kit

They come in several compartments to accommodate glassware and crystals; people with stemware can get them to enjoy the best experience. The foam padding can isolate the pieces making it easy for the move.

Large Moving Boxes

The boxes are ideal for lightweight and medium weight items. They can work for lampstands, clothing, and throw pillows.

X-Large Moving Boxes

The boxes are ideal for bulky and lightweight items. People moving comforters, clothing, and black faces find the boxes ideal. They can accommodate the clothes from the wardrobe without fear of folding the clothes.

Electronics Boxes

The boxes are ideal for carrying electronics. They are specially sized for home entertainment devices. You can carry streaming media devices, stereos, and gaming systems in the boxes.

Heavy-Duty Boxes

The boxes are reinforced with thick walls to carry heavy appliances. They can carry book collections, packing electronics, and dishes.

Types of tapes required

The moving supply list will take into account the packing tapes. Here are some of the tapes required during the move:

Packing Tape
  • It is used to seal boxes for moving purposes.
Shipping Tape
  • It can be applied in the place of the packing tape.
Masking Tape
  • It is applied to label boxes.
Strapping & Duct Tape
  • The tape can be applied for reinforcing and closing heavy boxes.
Painter’s Tape
  • The tape can be applied to stage the layout of places where the furniture will fit. It can be used to label electronics and smaller items.

Items to protect appliances during the move

Moving services, packing & more will not be complete without protection materials for the items. 

You will require items such as:

  • Ink free News Wrapping Paper
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Stretch Plastic Wrap
  • Furniture Pads
  • Cardboard Sheets
  • Other tools you need for the upcoming moving services
  • Permanent Markers
  • Scissors
  • Box Cutter
  • Plastic Baggies
  • Tape Gun
  • Toolbox
  • Disinfectants and cleaning supplies to use

It is good to keep surfaces clean when moving during the pandemic. There are several disinfectants out there; it is essential to choose a disinfectant with 70% alcohol. Even if you do not have a place where you can buy the disinfectants, you can formulate one at home. Ensure it is effective in killing the germs.
The above moving supply list can be a great way to guide people when looking for ways to make the moving process easy. It is good to come up with a supplies checklist for all the items you need, and it will work well towards improving & enjoying the moving process.

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