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Pack And Ship Movers can make your move a lot easier thanks to our storage services. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a business move, a home move or anything else. We can manage & store all different types & sizes for you. We can make moves simpler with our handy storage service.

Nationwide Moving Storage Services

We have the distinction of being a credible long distance storage & relocation business. We’re able to manage a host of storage requirements that are part of the moving process. If you want to invest in long term storage services, we have your back. If you want to get your hands on short term storage services, the same thing applies. You can keep your furnishings, boxes and beyond safe & sound in one of our United States centers. We’ll safeguard everything for you until your big moving day comes around.

Our storage options can come in handy for moves that go out of state. If you’re searching for intrastate moving assistance that’s suitable for a small home, we have your back. If you’re searching for interstate moving assistance that’s suitable for a much bigger one, the same thing goes. Our storage moving help is there to help you with commercial & residential clients alike.

Residential Storage

If you need storage for residential moves, we can come through for you at Pack And Ship Movers. If you’re attempting to adjust to a new living space, our residential storage services may be right up your alley. The need for this kind of storage is common for people who are waiting around for renovations, remodeling work or any upgrades. The need for it is common among people who simply want some spare storage room for a while. If your move feels so disorganized that you want to scream, our assistance may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Commercial Storage

Pack And Ship Movers can simplify your existence with our helpful business storage pathways. That’s due to the fact that we present our customers with individualized storage & relocation specialties that are ideal for commercial moves. Pack And Ship Movers can blow you away with numerous exciting commercial storage services that can help you uproot the furniture pieces in your office. Our options can help you transport displays that are suitable for trade shows of all kinds. We can help you transport fixtures that are seen in retail settings. We can even help you get technological components from point A to point B.

Moving Services made Easy!

Is Storage Right for Me?


Downsizing is a strategy that is gaining a lot of traction all over the place in recent times. Our short term storage service can be ideal for people who do not believe that they can yet say goodbye to all of their possessions during their downsizing journeys. If you want to get things in check prior to kicking off your experience with Pack And Ship Movers, then it may be in your best interests to get rid of clutter and downsize in general. 

Some people note, however, that parting with clutter can be quite a tough thing to tackle in the midst of a chaotic relocation project. Thankfully, our storage assistance can help you take charge of everything. It can give your move the “breathing space” you need to move forward and make logical, sound and rational decisions.

Moving Abroad?

It can be exciting and adventurous to move to an entirely new nation. That doesn’t mean that it’s not stressful, however. Few things can be more taxing and tough than uprooting to a foreign land that’s nowhere near familiar to you. It can be rough to uproot to a place that’s thousands and thousands of miles away as well.

Pack And Ship Movers presents customers with international relocation services that can accommodate many nations all around the globe. If you’re going to be moving to another country, you can come up with a an international storage & relocation schedule that can accommodate all of your requirements to a tee.

Moving Long Distance?

Are you planning on moving all the way to the other side of the vast nation? Are you simply planning to move to a different state? If you are, then storage that’s short-term may be the ideal fit for you. This storage can be suitable for people who are in the process of selling their residential properties. It can be suitable for folks who are searching for their brand new living spaces all the same. 

Pack And Ship Movers is a licensed company that is permitted to offer customers storage & moving help regardless of where they are in the nation. It doesn’t matter if you need storage and moving help for a business or for a residence.

Looking for Local Storage Solutions?

The representatives who work for Pack And Ship Movers give customers access to clear storage & moving choices of all kinds. If you want to take the local approach to storage or anything else along those lines, all you have to do is let us know here at Pack And Ship Movers, period.

Preparing for Storage

Does your long distance relocation project entail safeguarding any of your belongings inside of a storage container? If it does, then it may be the right time for you to invest in the helpful packing assistance that’s on hand to you through Pack And Ship Movers

It isn’t uncommon for people to simply dread packing. It isn’t uncommon for people to actually classify it as being the toughest step in the moving process. If you’re a part of that category, you don’t have to live in fear. That’s because we can easily come through for you.

We can help you free up your schedule. We can help you minimize your burden and frustration levels all the same. All you have to do is let us know that you want us to take on any and all of your packing & unpacking duties.

Moving Services made Easy!