Pre Packing Checklist

Pre Packing Checklist

Pre Packing Checklist

Whether you are moving across the country or just down the street from your current house, there are parts of moving that can be complicated. Also there are parts that can be exciting like getting a new house, moving somewhere with more space, meeting new friends & neighbors, or maybe even getting a fresh start. However, as exciting as moving is, there also comes the bad part that everyone dreads, and that is packing & moving out. 

What You Need To Know

Packing your house up to move can either be a chaotic mess or an organized chaos that moves as efficiently and quickly as possible so you can get your stuff packed up and moved into your new house in no time. The best way to make sure that packing goes as smoothly as possible is by hiring us, Pack And Ship Movers; We will do all the heavy lifting for you while you supervise over what is moving and to where. Next, it is absolutely vital to make sure you write out a pre packing checklists to make everything as smooth as possible.

Let’s Get Packing

By writing out a pre packing checklist, you will get everything together in an organized fashion, it will go much more smoothly & you will be able to make sure that you do not miss anything while packing! 
Here is everything you need to include in a pre packing list so moving goes as planned!

Go stock up on all of the essentials

The very first thing that you need to do is to go to a packing supply store like the UPS or UHAUL store and pick up a ton of:

  • moving boxes
  • bubble wrap
  • foam for fragile things
  • sturdy packing tape
  • permanent markers or label makers
  • plastic totes
  • grocery bags
  • saran wrap

Anything you can think of that will help you get things packed together; pro-tip: if you think that you got enough packing stuff for your house, you probably need to double the amount that you got. Also if you have time you can find free boxes from some stores depending on their shipment day.

Get started sooner rather than later

If you wait for a long time to start packing and do not start until a week or two before the big move, things are going to get packed in a chaotic, disorganized way! The earlier you start the packing process, the more organized it will be. The more organized things are, the less stressed you will be and the whole process will be that much better and more enjoyable for everybody.

All of your containers should be marked

When you start getting all of your things packed away into containers, it is absolutely vital that you make sure to mark with a marker or label each and every box that you pack up. You will want to write what is in the bag as well as where you will want to put it when you get to the new house. This will keep you and/ or the movers that you are hiring from having to open every box when you get to the new home to figure out where each box belongs. 

You can, instead, look at the label and know exactly where to put the boxes and what they all contain so that you do not have to go on a major scavenger hunt every time you try to find something.

If you don’t need it, try to get rid of it

Before you even start to pack things up, go through every single room, closet, hallway, storage closet, etc. and get rid of, sell, or throw out things that you do not want to use in the new house or that you will not have to use. The more things that you can purge to donate or sell or throw away, the less you will have to pack when the time comes which also means that you will not have to spend a ton of time packing things up, loading them on trucks, and unloading when you get to your next destination. 

While purging your things certainly ensures that you will be saving yourself some time and money, it also means that you could be putting some money back into your pocket that you can use to cover some of your moving expenses which can really help in the long run. 

Create a “moving” binder with lots of lists & notes

You will need to make lots of lists like things you need to pack and remember to grab, but you also need to make lists of things you will need to do and people you will need to call when the moving trucks get to the new house. Make lists of the utility companies that you will need to call to get water, power, television, and cable all turned on and working at the new home and turned off at the home that you are leaving. 

Make other lists for all the bills at the new house that you will need to keep track of such as your new mortgage payment amount and when it is due, utility due dates, water bills, etc. This will keep everything organized and keep you from having to guess at what to do and when to pay it which will keep your stress levels at normal levels.

schedule any dates that change during a move

When you move to a new house, you are going to come up against a lot of different dates and things that you are going to have to schedule out and keep organized so that the move goes as easily as possible. If you can, try to schedule everything so that you can move on a weekday so you know that your banks, utility offices, moving services, etc. are all open so that if you need to go to a place in person should something go wrong you can. 

It is always best to plan for the worst and hope for the best, so make a schedule, but make sure it can be changed and you can adapt should a problem arise and schedules need to shift. 

separate & label all of your Valuables

Make sure that you go around the house with your pre-packing checklist and take note of all of your valuables, family heirlooms, and/or priceless possessions. Once you have gotten all of them accounted for, put them off to the side by packing them separately and label them as valuables or important keepsakes. 

This will tell the movers to either put them somewhere on the moving truck in a separate, very safe place or to leave them where they are so that you can transport the valuables yourself.

Let’s Get Moving!

Now that you have this pre packing checklist everything will go according to plan to get your house ready for the move. Pre packing is half the battle so there’s a lot to do and it can seem completely overwhelming, but by making a pre-packing guide will ensure that it goes smoothly, you do not forget anything at the old house, and your stress levels remain as low as possible so you can remain excited about your new house and new adventure!

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