Packing 101 Checklist

Packing 101 Checklist

Packing 101 Checklist

Pack And Ship Movers is the best company that will help you every step of the way in all your packing & moving endeavors. Our team of experts will take good care of your property when packing them during the unpacking process. We are the nationwide moving company that offers licenses from the Department of Transportation

These are your moving insurance and moving license, which ensures that you are not liable for anything. We at Pack And Ship Movers are the perfect choice for you since we do not have any hidden charges in our pricing.

Packing 101

Packing 101 is our step by step guide that will assist you in ensuring that everything that you need to move gets to the desired destination safely. Before you start to pack, ensure that you have gone through Pack And Ship Movers checklists. Follow our simple steps to pack, move & unpack all your things without any hassle or regrets.

Step 1

When you are planning to move, it is essential to make sure that you have reduced the list of items you need to move to a necessary minimum. All this is to ensure that all unnecessary things you were hoarding stay behind in that the more you carry, the more direct impact on the overall cost of moving.

Step 2

When you have a plan to shift, you need to know how much time it may take you to pack all your items to avoid last-minute rushes. You may ask Pack And Ship Movers for professional advice on how much time you need to completely pack all your belongings, which will reduce so much stress for you.

Step 3

You need to assess your house’s size and check if you can pack and unpack all the items alone. If the workload seems huge, give Pack And Ship Movers a call and they will be there without a moment’s notice to help you all the way.

Step 4

Please make a note of all the items you are planning to move with to your destination. Then group them all and separate them from whatever else is remaining. You may opt to; sell them on a yard sale to make a few bucks or donate them to friends and charities for the remaining things that you do not need.

Step 5

Before you start packing, you need to call Pack And Ship Movers, and this is for us to assist you with the list of forbidden items that you are not allowed to ferry. Our advice will help you know what items you will have to leave behind.

Step 6

Safety for your items and you are essential every step of the way; that is why you need to get guidance from Pack And Ship Movers on the safest way to pack and box your items. This guide will help you pack & unpack and find that everything is in perfect condition and help cheer you up.

Step 7

To ensure that you have covered all corners of your home when packing, you need to ensure that you have broken down your day into a perfect schedule. This schedule will allow you to maximize the time you can achieve by having a to-do list calendar. 

When doing all this, you need to start with the rooms you believe are the most difficult to pack, then you may go to the rooms that you will still keep on using daily, and lastly, you leave the heavy items to get packed last. This strategy reduces fatigue, and when you are moving, the heavy items ask for help from Pack And Ship Movers.

Step 8

To help you see how you are progressing, ensure that you pack in phases and with a daily target on how many boxes you need to fill up; this, together with your schedule, will help time you on how much time you have left on your packing.

Step 9

You must ensure that you have set aside an area within your household to arrange all the packed up items. This area will help you in having enough space to move around and not to leave anything behind.

Step 10

To ensure that you have the best results, you need to find a way to increase your packing speed and slot in time for breaks to relax; you start all over again.


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