pack separately checklist

Packing Valuables

Pack Separately Checklist

When you plan to move, you need to find a perfect way to pack all your precious items and valuables. At Pack And Ship Movers, we have an excellent guideline on how you can make all your valuables safe during packing, moving, and unpacking, and this is to make sure that your valuables are always close to you during the move. Here are some of the items you need to keep extraordinarily safe and advise how you can safely pack them.

  • Car titles
  • House and car keys
  • Laptop and tablet computers
  • Medical, dental and veterinarian records
  • Moving company forms and documents
  • New home documents
  • Personal documents
  • Prescription medicine
  • Professional files and research
  • School records
  • Address books
  • Cash and credit cards
  • Cell phones
  • Checkbooks
  • Computer data files / backups
  • Family photos and videos
  • Financial documents
  • Insurance policies
  • Jewelry and furs



If you have any jewelry, you need to ensure that you have listed all of them down and check whether you still have the original package. If you might have lost the actual container, you may opt to buy little jewelry boxes to keep them in individually before boxing them. You may also decide to wrap the jewelry in soft wrapping paper before boxing them to avoid damage to the jewelry. Pack And Ship Movers has the best solution for ensuring you get your jewelry safely to your new location.


Financial, Records And Legal Documents

When Packing Valuables during your move, ensure that you have separately gone through all the legal documents that you have and that you need. If you do not need to keep an original, you may opt to scan the documents and upload them to a drive; this will reduce the number of boxes you need to ferry when you are on the move. All records and deeds for the new house need to be close to you if needed when moving into the new place. If some of the legal documents are with your lawyer, you have the option of leaving the documents with the lawyer if you are not planning to change law firms. But in a scenario where you want to shift law firms, you may ask them to transfer them to your next lawyer.



When you are packing your electronics, you need to take great care to ensure that they reach their destinations without any damages to be on the safer side Pack And Ship Movers has guides that you need to adhere to, and here they are;

  • Ensure that you have the original product manual that will help you to disassemble and assemble the electronics without damaging it.


  • You are to ensure that you have the original boxes you bought the electronics in; if you do not have, you can opt to go to an electronic repair shop and inquire if they may have an old one.


  • You need to have stand-by essential packing materials, including old newspapers, very rigid boxes, and scissors.


  • When you have disassembled all your electronics, it is essential to make sure that you have placed all the electrical cords in one box. When you are packing, the electric cords ensure that you have rolled the up and taped them to avoid dangling cables. Another critical thing that you need to make sure you have done is to label the electrical cords to know which one goes during assembly.


  • To further protect your electronics, you can cover them with linen before boxing them up, and this is to reduce the amount of dust that may get into the machines. It would be best to cover the boxes with blankets during transit to avoid dust entering the boxes. Do not forget to seal the boxes with tape while you are packing since this helps to reduce dust.


  • Ensure that you follow our advice of having an inventory of all the electronics you are ferrying.

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