Pack And Ship Movers' National Move Study of 2020

National Move Study Of 2020

National Move-in & Move-out Study of 2020

National Move Study Of 2020 – This is another time of the year that, as Pack And Ship Movers, we have released the annual national move study of 2020. The study is based on the shipment that we have conducted in the year. The release contains the top move-in & move-out states throughout the year.

The story covers the top 10 states that have contributed largely to our study. By using our logistic analytics, we gathered that some of the top move out states are New Jersey, Illinois & New York. While the top inbounds states were Florida, Idaho, Arizona & Oregon.

Our Data Indicate Why people are moving from states to states:

  • Job opportunities or transfers from the companies contributing to (47.98%)
  • Closer to the family which has contributed to (23.66%) of the migration
  • Retirement which is (20.15%) of the migration
  • Lifestyle change has also contributed to (13.08%)

This has a close similarity with the last years’ study 

The western part of the USA has taken the lead in becoming the destination of these migrations. From the top five states in the study, we have the top four according to the list being Idaho, Oregon, Arizona & Washington in that order. 

South Carolina is the only state destination from the east coast this year. The research and survey give the data used in making Pack And Ship Movers‘  National moving study. The following information gives the inbound and outbound states in 2020 and the most well-liked state to migrate in.

The top 10 states people moved to

Here Are The Inbound States:
  1. Idaho  (67.4%)
  2. Oregon  (65.7%)
  3. Arizona  (63.2%)
  4. South Carolina (61.8%)
  5. Washington  (59.5%)
  6. District of Columbia (59.3%)
  7. Florida  (58.1%)
  8. South Dakota  (57.4%)
  9. North Carolina  (57.3%)
  10. New Mexico  (56.1%)

The top 10 states people moved from

Here are the outbound states:
  1. New Jersey  (68.5%)
  2.  Illinois  (66.5%)
  3.  New York  (63.1%)
  4.  Connecticut  (63.0%)
  5.  Kansas  (58.5%)
  6.  Ohio  (57.8%)
  7.  California  (56.9%)
  8.  Michigan  (56.9%)
  9.  North Dakota  (55.2%)
  10.  Iowa at (55.0%)

understand why these states made top 5


Idaho became the highest rank for inbound by people who are looking for space. The quitter serine environment attracted the majority of the people who are in love with outdoor activities. This state takes 67.4% of the moves that have been made inbound in the year 2020. To be precise, most movers in Idaho are older people ranging from 55 to 74 years who have retired from their workplaces. These people need a calm environment where they can spend their free time on outdoor activities. About 21% of the people who moved to Idaho said they were looking for a lifestyle change, which makes the other reason for this migration.


The beautiful landscape and the peculiar culture from this state have continued attracting people to migrate to this place. Oregon has been in position two in the ranking list in the past two years. The main reason people migrate or move to Oregon is the new job opportunity or some companies’ transfer, which accounts for 45% of the moves. 

The other reason is closer to the family, which accounted for 22% of the total moves. Most of the population in Oregon are young and older people. The 41% of the movers come from the Baby Boomers looking for a new job in this state. Oregon has continued growing in terms of its economy, making creating a huge demand for workers, and that is why it is the state with the best economy in the nation. There has been a growth in manufacturing and technology, which has been contributed by the marketing jobs and advertisements made in Oregon.


The number of movers in Arizona has dramatically changed. People have been attracted to this state by its warm climate and beautiful sceneries that lure people to relocate and find themselves enjoying its beauty. The reason for the movers in Arizona is retirement, which has accounted for 36% of the movers. When a person retires, it is time to relax and enjoy yourself with the family at home or making adventures. Arizona becomes the best place for you because of the warm climate that favors people at old age. 

This is the state where you get to enjoy golfing in Scottsdale and other outdoor activities. Arizona movers’ other reasons are job opportunity accounting at 33% and lifestyle change at 23%. In Arizona, there are also job opportunities offered that make it more attractive to most young and energetic people. If you need to change your lifestyle, Arizona is also another state that will allow a good and smooth transformation of your life.

South Carolina

The pleasing historical areas in South Carolina has continued to make the state attractive for many. The 40% of the movers in Carolina migrated because of the retirement in 2020. It has been regularly ranked below the average low cost of living, thus making life here bearable for those who are no longer working. The small island and attractive beaches have been making this state the best landing point for retirement. Where you have to settle and enjoy the beauty of nature at a low cost, the other reason movers claim to have migrated because of work, which accounts for 35%. 

South Carolina also offers job opportunities to some of the inbounds in industries, including agribusiness, technology, manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace. Other movers moved to South Carolina to change their lifestyle. Maybe the movers were attracted by historic towns in this state, or they wanted to enjoy their life in some islands like Sullivan’s & Isle of the Palms.


Washington has not appeared in the top five for the last two years, but 2020 has made a change. Washington is one of the top move in states 2020. This state offers a low humidity climate that is desirable. It also has natural attractive features like the temperate rainforest, semi-arid basin regions, mountain ranges, fjord and bays, and islands. These features attract more movers in the state. 

The major reason for movers in this state is company and job transfers, where the state has the top employment industries accounting for 49% inbounds. The major sectors of employment in Washington include; information and communication, clean technology, agriculture, and global health. 14% of the inbound is contributed by movers who wish to change their lifestyle. 

The other reason is that being closer to the family has contributed to 24% of the state’s inbound moves. All this concerning the family is crossly related to Washington’s legalizing same-sex marriage, medical & recreational cannabis for some.

What about Vermont?

We didn’t ignore Vermont in the study; this is a well-known place with many inbound. But due to Vermont’s size, it is not wise to compare it with the large state so that it can be ranked. Although we are sure, Vermont is a nice place to live in with its green mountain feature. 

This brings to the end of Pack And Ship Movers’ 2020 National Move Study, but keep on checking for a future release that gives a clear picture of the state migration trends. More research to be carried on the top move-in & move-out states in the coming years.

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