Pack And Ship Movers, Moving FAQ's

Moving FAQ's

Pack And Ship Movers Frequently Asked Questions

Pack And Ship Movers, Moving FAQ’s – Moving from one place to another can be stressful & confusing. There is nothing fun about packing, moving, driving and then unpacking.

However, if you coordinate & organize, your moving headaches can be reduced. Call on moving expert movers like Pack And Ship Movers to answer any moving question you may have.  Asking moving questions can also give you an idea of what you need to do for your move.

Moving FAQ’s

When to call to schedule a move?

Pack And Ship Movers suggest that you call as soon as you know your moving plans. scheduling a move date is simple as a phone call, If you already know your moving dates give us a call to get you in the calendar!

  • Give Pack And Ship Movers at least four weeks’ notice if you are able. Lead time is important, and for standard services, you will need to allow flexibility with pick-up and delivery dates.
  • Pack And Ship Movers will always try to match your desired dates, and you will be notified about an estimated pickup and delivery date. You can also request a more exact pick-up date if you are in a must move situation.
  • Discuss your relocating requirements with our moving company. They will give an estimate of the costs.
  • A moving planner will help you make your moving task easier. Call your planner if you have any questions.
When Would You Get An Estimate?

To give you the best estimate possible, an agent will either come visit or make a video call you to survey your household items. Any other moving FAQ’s will also be answered by the agent when they inspect your items.

  • The cost will be based on the number of items you are moving, the weight of these items, and any extra moving resources you request.
  • Cost estimates will include the distance the mover need to travel.
  • Estimates are not real costs but an idea of what you can expect to pay.
  • Estimates are free of charge.
Do We provide a binding estimate?

Pack And Ship Movers provide you with a binding estimate to help you budget for the moving costs.

  • Binding estimates alert you in advance of the moving costs.
  • All extra services requested when you book a move with our company are included. Additional services will cause a binding estimate to increase.
  • Binding estimates are good for up to 30 days from the time you set up the move.
  • An addendum states additional services, and these charges will need a signature.
Can you give me an idea of what moving times are best?

Our company can suggest a good moving time for you if you have flexibility in moving times.

  • Avoid moving in the summer months.
  • Move in the middle of the month.
  • Avoid holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • However, you can request a specific time, and our company will do our best to accommodate you.
What is the timetable when moving?

Many factors determine how long it takes to move, including

  • Weather conditions
  • Time of year
  • Size of items being moved
  • Loading and unloading time
  • Distance to destination

There are times when all of your furnishings only take up part of the truck. It is sometimes necessary for at least two households to be packed on the moving truck. We guarantee your belongings will not be mixed up with other people’s moving items. Each moving project is portioned off from other shipments.

Am I Insured against damage or loss?

You are insured, but the insurance you have and the cost depends on the program you choose.

  • Full Value Protection is at 60 cents a pound per article. The movers will repair your item if damaged or give you the money to purchase an item like the item you lost.
  • Release Value is also 60 cents a pound per article, and this plan is free of charge.
  • Insurance coverage is based on federal laws and regulations plus limitations.
What are considered items of extraordinary value?

The moving industry states that items valued higher than $100 per pound are extraordinary value items or Items of Extraordinary Value.

  • A high-value inventory form must be filled out. Extraordinary value items on the list also include jewelry, art collections, furs, china, silverware, Oriental rugs, or gems.
  • If you have a claim concerning any items on the Extraordinary Value List, a replacement will only be up to the worth of the article
  • Articles that are lost or damages and of extraordinary value but not on the form have a limited liability of $100 each pound.
Can my items be stored temporarily?

The inability to move immediately into your new property is a problematic situation. Pack And Ship Movers have solutions for this dilemma.

  • Household goods can be warehoused in a Pack and Ship depot.
  • You are responsible for storage charges.
  • You are responsible for any insurance coverage and delivery costs.

Moving FAQ’s on storage plans can be answered by your moving agent.

Can the moving company help me pack?

If you want to pack yourself, we can advise you on how to pack breakables, shoes and clothing, and other items For an add-on, Pack And Ship Movers will provide all the packing supplies plus packing & loading.


Can frozen foods & perishables be moved?

It is possible to pack food for moving but to move your frozen or perishable items the conditions are limited.

  • Shipping arrangements can be arranged for delivery at a frozen food delivery service.
  • Use up your perishable items before you move.
  • Donate your perishables.

If you need an accounting of unmovable items, contact your moving agent.

Can houseplants be moved in a moving van?

Most moving companies will not accept responsibility for moving house plants.

  • Plants can deteriorate from no light or water in your mover’s van.
  • Temperature changes in the van can damage plants.
  • It is best to move your house plants in your vehicles.

Check the plant regulations of the areas you are moving to and see if your house plants are non-allowable.

Does the moving company help transport pets?

We do not; Our moving company cannot take responsibility for moving your pets safely.

  • Move your pets in your vehicles
  • We do offer advice on how to safely ship pets to their destination.
When should I pay the moving invoice?

When your household goods arrive at your destination, provisions state that all charges must be paid before the movers unload the truck.

  • Cash
  • Traveler’s checks
  • Money order
  • Credit Card

Personal checks are not usually accepted unless arrangements have been made.

Any Other moving questions can be answered by our representatives.

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