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Here at Pack And Ship Movers, our moving quotes provide customers with an idea  estimate of how much their move will cost. Moving estimates allows consumers to compare prices of different moving companies. After you provide us with the required info, then we’ll give you a quote. You’ll have a better picture of how much you can expect to pay.

We understand you want to compare different prices from different companies, especially if you’re doing a long distance move. This is why we provide quotes quickly. By doing this, you’ll be able to make a decision about whether or not to hire us for your move.


Moving Cost Estimates: What You Need To Know

Researching Your Move

Before you do business with any moving company, you should check out their credentials and you want to make sure they are reputable. While you’re performing research, you want to do the following:

  • The moving company you are researching should have federal authorization to move your stuff across state lines; Pack And Ship Movers has that authorization by the FMCSA
  • Compare services and rates
  • The move you choose must have extensive experience. Once again, we have significant experience in the industry.
  • You should be able to directly contact someone from the company in order to have your questions answered fast.


How Do You Get An Accurate Moving Estimates

When it comes to moving cost estimates, there are several factors that come into play that will affect your quote. Here are the top factors:

The Moving Date

What date do you plan on moving? Different times of the year can be more expensive to move during. When you contact Pack And Ship Movers, we’ll tell you whether or not there are time-frames that might be more affordable for you.


Summertime is typically the busiest season for Pack And Ship Movers, as well as for many other moving companies. People tend to want to move when the weather is warmer. If you move during the early spring or winter, the chances are you won’t pay as much as you would if you moved between the months of May and September.

The Distance

How many miles between your current home and your new home can affect moving quotes. Generally speaking, the further your destination is from your current home, the more expensive your move will be.

Your Home’s Size

Moving costs can be affected by the size of the home. If you live in a small studio apartment and you only have a few belongings, then you’ll pay less than someone who resides in a massive fully-furnished house. The size of a home affects costs because belongings’ weight and volume are taken into account when moving companies are determining how much to charge.

The Weight Of Your Items

As previously mentioned, the weight of your items factor into the quote. The more your items weigh, the higher your estimate will be. Many moving companies also have a minimum weight requirement. A lot of consumers don’t realize this.


Your estimate can be impacted by whether or not you choose an add-on service. Typical add-on services include debris pickup, TV mounting and cleaning to name a few. If you choose an add-on, then you’ll pay more.

Labor Costs & Packing Costs

Packing services can add to the overall cost of moving, but packing services saves you stress and a lot of time. If you wish, you can pack your items yourself. However, Pack And Ship Movers are more than happy to pack your items. We’ll do it in a way that ensures your belongings are completely safe and protected.


Moving protection factors into estimates, too. Moving protection refers to a company’s liability if something were to happen during the move, such as your items become damaged or lost. The level of protection you choose can affect your estimate.

Pack And Ship Movers provides you with peace of mind because your items will be completely protected. Also, when you request a quote from us, everything is included in the quote. You will not encounter any surprises with us or be told at the last minute you need to buy a protection plan for your belongings. In fact, you’ll be covered by our moving insurance.

Storage Fees

You might need to store certain items, but this will depend on the complexity of your move. If you do need storage, then the quote will come in slightly more expensive. Don’t worry though because Pack And Ship Movers offer competitive rates.


Instant Ballpark Figure Quotes vs Moving Estimates or Quotes

Moving is complex and we believe in providing realistic quotes to each and every customer. We know how annoying it can be for someone to learn they have to pay much more than what they were told when they contacted a moving company for a quote. People often get confused between getting an estimate and what is known as an instant ballpark figure quote

The term ” ballpark quote” refers to just a ballpark figure of how much you’ll pay. It is based on very limited info that the moving company receives. Furthermore, it really only serves as a foundation for a moving company, which means it’s a price-starting point.

An estimate on the other-hand is more detailed and more accurate than a ballpark figure. Estimates require consumers to provide detailed information, such as the size of the home, the items to be moved and the distance of the move.

Pack And Ship Movers have the expertise required to provide you with a highly accurate estimate. We will take detailed information from you, and we can even conduct a virtual walk-through of your home. We do a lot of hard work to ensure you receive an estimate that is as accurate as possible.


How Do You Get A Moving Quote

Getting a moving quote is incredibly easy. There are several steps involved, which are:

Step One: Request An Estimate

The very first thing you need to do is fill out a very short form. All you have to do is tell us what dates you’re moving and the current zip code you reside in. Include the destination zip code, as well as the type of home you’re living in. You’ll also need to include your contact information.

Step Two: Schedule A Survey

Once you have provided us with your info, someone from Pack And Ship Movers will reach out to you. We’ll confirm all of your details and you’ll be able to schedule a survey. This is where we gather more information about the items you’ll want moved.

Step Three: Survey Your Items

After we have taken down a list of items you want moved, we’ll actually survey the items. This will help us determine what moving service you need. Don’t worry though because we are confident we can work within your timeline and your budget. After we have surveyed your items, we will provide you with your estimate.

Step Four: Planning Your Move

If you decide you want to use us as your moving company, then we will explain to you what the next steps will be. Generally speaking, we like to go over the process because we want our customers to be as comfortable as possible when the day of their move arrives. Furthermore, we will provide you with tips that can help with planning your move. Our goal is to make your move as easy as possible.

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