Moving Protection

Moves of all kinds can be unpredictable. It doesn’t matter if you’re going forward with a local or a long distance relocation project; It’s Important to have Moving Protection.

Understanding Moving Protection

The reality is that damage is always a possibility during any kind of move. Loss is always just as significant a possibility, that’s why Pack And Ship Movers offers a standard “Full Value Protection” feature as part of all our moving quotes. If you want to make smart moving decisions, then you have to take the time to learn the ins & outs of our Value Protection and all that it can offer!

 Full Value Protection Vs Moving Insurance

Our company’s standard Value Moving Protection options strives to recompense any customers who experience problems. If you’re a customer who notices significant harm to your possessions that may be the result of our relocation, then you may be eligible to receive something for the inconvenience. We may be able to fix any items that have sustained significant damage. We may be able to offer replacement for any items that we’re not able to fix as well. We can do the same for things that are lost. It’s up to you to specify a minimum sum. 

Our number one objective here is to resolve issues that may arise due to things that we are unable to anticipate. Note, though, that our Value Protection plan in no way, shape or form a kind of insurance coverage. If you have homeowners insurance in place, then you may have to show beyond doubt that the destruction was the outcome of professional negligence. This isn’t the case with our Value Protection option. 

This option makes it so that we’re liable for any and all of your claims. It’s in line with the financial worth that you indicate upfront. Insurance coverage is nothing like our Value Protection at all.


How Does Our Basic Value Protection Option Work?

It can help you greatly to put a little bit of time into understanding what we do to figure out your Value Protection. It’s also vital to learn about your incentives to fill out our form for inventory that has high value. Our standard Value Moving Protection option is a part of every single quote that we hand out, plain and simple. The typical sum of this Value Protection is determined by assessing estimated shipment weight. Note that we have the ability to boost your valuation amount prior to going forward with shipment loading duties. Nothing is set in stone with us until the end.

IMPORTANT: You Need to Complete the High Value Inventory Form

We have many customers who go for our Value Protection options, and quite understandably, too. If you take our Value Protection route in full, you have to prepare meticulously. The ball is in your court to document any items that are part of your shipment that surpass a total of $100 in the value department. If you ship anything that has a minimum value of $100, then you have to make that 100 percent clear to all. Some categories of things that you may ship that may have significant value are luxury furniture pieces, jewelry items, art pieces, electronic devices, antique decorations and apparel made by designers.

It’s critical to put this information on your designated high value inventory form, no exceptions. Remember, though, that you have to include value per pound. If you have costly jewelry items that are particularly light, their value in shipping may be nowhere near their “real” worth on the market. That means that their loss may not give you back their actual worth. It’s critical to take note of the nuances of the whole process prior to moving forward. If you simply take the time to mention valuable items on your high value inventory form, then you may actually be able to get your hands on the genuine replacement value. 

If you just make the effort to complete your form in a thorough manner, then you may end up making things a lot easier on yourself in the long run. You may end up doing your finances a huge favor as well. Replacing costly things starting from scratch is never a pleasant experience.

  • Additional Protection Option and Programs

You can get some “extras” outside of our standard Value Protection option. Pack And Ship Movers presents customers with an extra moving protection feature. We have different moving protection programs that customers can choose, too. If you want to go forward with any of our programs, let us know. We’ll immediately make it a part of your moving estimate. It’s critical to acknowledge the fact that our choices aren’t all necessarily available for all relocation projects. You should make a point to consult with your moving supervisor in order to find out whether a specific choice is accessible or realistic for you. 

  • Minimum Liability Valuation Option

There are some customers who make the decision to say no to our straightforward Value Protection plan. Don’t forget that this plan is part all of our first moving quotes. If you choose to say no to it, then you’ll still be able to secure minimum valuation coverage. This abides by legal guidelines. We strongly urge all of our customers to actually go forward with our Value Protection plan, though. If you do not go forward with it, then you may be susceptible to significant loss of finances.

  • Increased Declaration – Full Value Protection

Our customers all have the choice to indicate more substantial values than the straightforward ones that are part of our Value Protection plans. An extra fee is necessary for this purpose. If you want to strengthen your valuation sum, you can do so without any time constraints whatsoever. You can literally wait until the last minute as well. You can change your mind until we start the in-depth loading process. 

  • Claim Assist

Pack And Ship Movers has a program that’s called simply “claim assist.” It offers guidance to all customers who have to finish their claims forms. It offers guidance to those who possess items that call for replacement or repair work all the same. If you make the decision to prioritize a package we have in place here at Pack And Ship Movers, you may be eligible to pick a number of different specialties. This varies based on the exact Pack And Ship Movers package you buy.

  • Pairs & Sets Waiver

Pack And Ship Movers isn’t generally liable for untouched and unblemished items that are associated with full sets. If you take advantage of our Pair & Sets waiver, we’ll change that for you. That means that we may be able to replace all of the components of the set without exception. That means that we may be able to pay for a new version of the set, too.

  • Mechanical Malfunction Waiver

Some customers are able to confirm that professionals treated their items in problematic ways. If you’re unable to confirm anything like that about Pack And Ship Movers, then you won’t be able to get compensation for mechanical devices that aren’t exactly functional or reliable post-relocation. There are many things that can hurt mechanical devices of all kinds. Examples are movement on roads and various other standard moving circumstances. If you take advantage of the mechanical malfunction favor, Pack and Ship Movers can say yes to equipment replacement or repair work. If you notice that anything just doesn’t seem to par after your move, we may be able to get to the bottom of the situation with our rock-solid waiver.

  • Acts of God Waiver

We’re generally not liable for problems that relate to nature or simply “acts of God.” If you utilize this Acts of God waiver, we can offer you replacement or repair work as you see fit. If a natural disaster does a number on your belongings, then we may be able to get you back on track with replacement or repair. 

  • Additional Delay Payment

If you’re eligible, then you may be able to get your hands on superior compensation. This compensation can be suitable for people who have had to deal with sluggish deliveries and pickups. If you’re annoyed by any kinds of delays, then Pack And Ship Movers may be able to turn your bad mood around.

  • Increased Destination Wait Time

If you’re simply not prepared to acquire your possessions, we’ll lengthen our waiting period. Pack And Ship Movers can do so for a maximum of four full hours.

  • Identity Theft Protection

You can include a whole year of identity theft protection as you wish. If you go forward with our value protection, you can take it easy. It can spare you a lot of confusion and frustration. Contact us for a quote and for more details about minimum liability and moving insurance in general. We know so much about all of the latest choices in moving protections. Our moving protections can save you from a lot of uncertainty. Call Pack And Ship Movers for the scoop. We make moving protection be easy.

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