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Moving Checklist & Timeline

Moving Planner

Planning effectively is the only key to a successful & stress-free move. Below are a helpful timeline called
moving checklist that will explain all the steps you need to do for your moving experience.

 2-3 months before moving

Create a moving binder or folder

Create a moving binder or folder to keep track of all the things you will need for the move.
Materials like: 

  • reminder schedules, 
  • receipts, 
  • contact information, 
  • moving service, and
  • moving quotes

All should be in the folders. If possible, you can create a digital binder or folder for more comfortable and quicker reference.

You can also use the binder / folder to store information about your new area that you want to access often.
Reports like:

  • economic health, 
  • safety, and 
  • school districts

These can be placed in the folders.

Create a budget

Come up with a moving budget by determining how much you want to use to move and set aside the money you have planned for. Remember to confirm your complete moving checklist, whether everything is catered for as you are planning for a move. After allocating money, look for professional movers like Pack And Ship Movers and look for the company in line with your budget.

You can consider companies that provide full service moving, Professional movers that offer top services not only load & unload your truck. We can help you with the whole process of moving and ensure you to save time & stress


Compare Movers

Different movers charge differently for long-distance moving. The price differs in other states and depends on the services offered like unpacking and packing, moving in and moving out dates- whether it is summer or winter, the volume and weight of your belonging, and the distance of the origin and destination.

If you are planning to move on your own, consider the cost of labor, transportation, equipment, moving supplies, and any other services that might have been done by the moving company.


Eight weeks before moving

Find more on moving services & companies

Research and find more about moving services and companies as you learn more about moving scams. Besides scammers, moving companies will charge undisclosed fees or give you unreliable quotes, making your moving experience a stressful one.

It would be best if you did not think of choosing such movers because they can hide your belongings in a hidden location and only release it when you have paid the ransom amount of money.

To avoid being a predator to criminal movers, you can:
  • Ask for recommendations from family and friends.
  • Check the moving planner you have chosen with and confirm whether it is registered with different storage and moving associations.
  • Look for reviews of different moving companies.
  • Note down everything about the moving, especially the quote.
  • Look at the privacy policy and your rights and responsibilities on the moving company’s website you want to hire.

List the services you need from moving companies and look at your complete moving checklist. 

Companies offering full service moving like Pack And Ship Movers provide various services that clients can choose to meet their needs and achieve their expectations. Some of the extra services offered by such companies are setting up your personal computer, mounting the TV, shipping cars, picking up debris, storing, unpacking, and packing.

If you have a company that will pay for your moving fee, research and find out which mover planner they recommend.

If you move from one state to another, ensure the moving company you choose has the appropriate goods motor carrier authority from the relevant agencies that allow them to transport belonging across states.

Research about your move claim process and protection options. If you choose a company offering state to state movement, beware they are expected to fully protect your materials if they are crossing the state lines.

Always be ready to answer questions about your move like the number of floors your home has, the size of the house, the zip codes of the destination, and the dates you plan to move. If you feel like the company has not asked enough questions and wants to tell them something, feel free, and give them any necessary information like handling different products and arranging them.

Plan an assessment of your belonging & home

When calling to ask for the quote, remember to ask the estimator any other questions related to the moving process, like the time it will take to deliver your belonging and the extra services offered. All professional moving companies, Pack And Ship Movers included, have to inspect your home and belongings visually before giving a quote or estimate. The inspection may be by use of virtual technology or in person.

If you have arranged an inspection, your move consultant will take you through the whole virtual inspection process and tell you what you need to prepare for the survey.

During the survey, you should:
  • Show all the rooms the house has not left places like the yard, attic, shed, garage, and storage areas.
  • Inform the person inspecting the goods moved by truck and which interests will not.
  • Inform the inspector if you have any items that are worth more than $100 per pound.
  • Inform the company if any items will be moved and are delicate or fragile.
  • Show them the compound outside your house to determine whether the truck can access the goods while in the place.
  • Tell them whether you will do that packing or you need expert packing services.

If you are moving with Pack And Ship Movers, read our guide on what to do when planning for a move.

Seven weeks before moving

Prepare information for your new destinations

If you are moving and change the place of work, confirm the starting time and date. If you are not changing and are staying with your old employer, let them give you some free time to move and give them the new address to your home.

If you have children and they have changed schools, inform the authorities and register with another school. Transfer all the medical and school records for all family members- even the pets.

Inquire if you need to change your car or property insurance because of moving. If your new house is not ready when you move, look for a place to store your belongings. Come up with a list of new items you need when moving to your new house and begin shopping since customer pieces like sofas can take up to two months for delivery. While shopping for such items, ensure you have the right measurements so that they can fit well in your new house.


Six weeks before moving

Travel arrangements

Start making arrangements for how you will travel when relocating. If the new place is too far, you can book a hotel or lodging. You can also book a hotel if your new home is not ready to move in.

If you are moving for a long distance, start making arrangements to have your car serviced. If you have a shipping vehicle, make arrangements with the moving company you will use; Pack And Ship Movers have this service.


Five weeks before moving

Transfer essential documents

If you have any physical documents, you can start by scanning them into the cloud. It is during this time also when you should download any software updates as you update your computer. Ensure you have backed up all your photos and digital files. Your logins and passwords should also be in a safe and secure place.


Go through all your belongings and return any items you have borrowed from family, friends, or neighbors. Organize your belonging into four categories; trash, donate, sell, or keep. To sell items, you can upload them online in a marketplace, and for donation, you belong to charity organizations. For unwanted items, you can contact your moving company and inquire whether they have that service. At Pack And Ship Movers, we offer cleaning & debris removal services.


One week before moving

Prepare appliances being moved

We advise our clients to look for a qualified technician to disconnect or service significant appliances. Empty all the instruments and start by packing small devices like pressure cookers & microwaves. Remove all lighting fixtures and fill them with padding to avoid breaking. Ensure you have packed all items in your moving checklist.

Planning for moving out

  • Confirm the moving planner if it is Pack And Ship Movers to help you move out.
  • Confirm the arrangements of how your children & pets will be moved.
  • Ensure the keys to your new house are at an accessible place.
  • Watch the weather changes and make necessary adjustments.


Moving out

  • If there are any items you want during the relocation, place them next to you.
  • Inform your moving company about any critical information with your belonging and raise concerns, if any.
  • Read and sign any agreements ensuring you pay attention to detail.
  • Cross-check the house and ensure doors are closed & lights are switched off.


Moving in

  • Ensure the floors are protected and direct the movers where each box should be left or arranged.
  • Read and sign any agreements or contracts.
  • Before unpacking, do necessary cleaning as you unpack perishable items in the cooler.
  • Get any essential items that you had carried with you in your car.

You need to ensure that the company you utilize follows the FMCSA‘s stipulations which governs the authorization of state-to-state moves.

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