Move In Checklist

Move In Checklist

At Pack And Ship Movers, we help homeowners with moving tips. The checklist you will get from us will guide in getting all the necessary items you need for the smoothest move. During the first day of your move, you need items you need close to you. Have a First Night Box Checklist so that you can have all items you need during your first day in the new home in one place. It will be hectic when trying to locate items you need, such as blankets, toothpaste and other items you need for the night. 

Tips To Help You Move To A New Home Smoothly

We have come up with a checklist to get the items you need to enjoy your move. Our experts have been handling different moves over the period we have been in operation. We can give you practical tips and a moving checklist to follow so that your move can be comfortable.

 A setting account with utility providers in advance

Before you move to your new home, create utility accounts in advance and notify your service providers. You will need services such as hot water, electricity and gas. Ensure you arrange in advance and get the account ready so that you can move to a new home comfortably. You can call the utility providers and confirm the details. Your family members will enjoy your new home if you can get all the utility accounts ready before moving.


Registering Vehicles

The municipal and the state authorities would like to know the vehicles you are registering in the new area. Ensure you register your vehicles with the new address so that you can operate in the new home location without stress. Check out property tax and other forms of licensing you may need when in your new location. You can visit the local state office where you can update the vehicle number plates and license.


Register to Vote

You can avoid the stress of absentee vote by registering to vote in your new location. Some states accept national mail voter registration, but there are some locations where you can get restrictions. Check with the local electrician commission to find local rules that govern the registration of the votes. Make an effort to identify polling stations and the election dates.


Forward You Mail

The postal service providers allow you to forward the mail from your old address to the new address for a period of up to one year. Submit a change of address online or fill a paper form in your local post office to get started. It is a move that will make it easy to get your essential documents as you settle in the new home.


Locate New Health Resources

It is good to locate new health facilities nearby so that you can quickly locate them during an emergency. Some dental service providers and pharmacies are known to offer the best services in your locality. Compare the health facilities and check out reviews to know about the quality of their services. Working with the best health service providers will make your life easy in the new location.


Contact Insurance Companies

You can talk with your insurance provider to cover liabilities during the move. At Pack And Ship Movers, we also offer moving coverage during the move. Check out our Move in Checklist & get prepared for the move. The insurance provider will offer you quotes so that you can move with peace of mind.


Update Newspaper and Magazine Subscriptions

You can go online and update your magazine and newspaper delivery address. The service providers will quickly locate your new location if you can update the new location. It is a process that will take you a few minutes to start enjoying the reading materials.

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