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Many people consider cross country moving to be the most difficult experience they endure throughout their life, especially if they had to move from one end of the country to the other. 

Regardless if you plan to relocate to get closer to family members, your job or if you want to change up the scenery, Pack And Ship Movers understand that the process comes with a combination of challenges & emotions that can make the entire process more tedious and aggravating than it has to be.

Reliable Long Distance Moving Needs

Simply said, our long distance movers simplify the process of long distance moving. 

Our long distance moving professionals have acquired years of experience from working with thousands of clients. Pack And Ship Movers have established themselves as one of the leading companies in the entire country. 

This is due to our unique approach of utilizing the most recent technological advances in the industry, in addition to providing unparalleled customer service.

State-WIDE Moving Professionals

Regardless of how large or small your budget may be, you can be rest assured that we have a deal for you. Pack And Ship Movers have several options available such as storage & packing services that can be added on to one of our various packages.

Car Shipping

We are one of the only companies in the state that provide long distance car shipping services that enables us to move your vehicle across multiple states. Regardless of how far you may need to go, you can be rest assured that we can provide you with a competent car shipping service.

Packing & Unpacking

Pack And Ship Movers understands that time may be of the essence and you simply may not have enough time. So we offer partial or full packing plans so that we can help you save time & any headaches with the consuming process of packing for your long distance moves.

Storage Services

Being a high ranked moving company in the state, Pack And Ship Movers is more than prepared when it comes to dealing with multiple scenarios. Therefore, we provide short or long term storage solutions regardless if you want to rent a unit related to your long distance storage service.

Cleaning & Debris Removal

One of the most excruciating aspects of long distance relocations is the amount of debris that's left over once you take all your valuables. As a part of our long distance moving services, we offer cleaning & debris removal add-ons that consist of clearing your property once you have left the property.

What In a Long Distance Move?

Locally based moves consist of moving within the confines of the same state. However, long distance moves or long distance relocation consist of moves across the state.

– Local Moving : Local Moves Consist of moving valuables across a very short distance usually within a metropolitan area or within the confines of the same city.

Intrastate Moving : Used to define moves that are from city to city, within the confines of the same state.

Long Distance Moving : Traveling from state-to-state with valuables.

In addition to these local moves or  long distance moves, there are other various terms to describe long distance moving services such as state-to-state moves, cross country moves & interstate moves

Choosing A Long Distance Mover

The judicial system created a set of laws that govern how companies need to operate when it comes to moving valuables for their clients from one state to the next.

Our company has received the necessary certifications & authorization to conduct long distance moves regardless of how far our clients may need to go. 

Therefore, if you need out of state moves, it’s important that you get a reputable company that is authorized to do so.  Some of the other reasons include:

– You need to ensure that the company you utilize follows the FMCSA‘s stipulations which governs the authorization of state-to-state moves.

– Legally authorized interstate moving services have to abide by strict federal guidelines which consists of having a large network of various agents located throughout the country who can assist you with your needs as well as to provide you with customer support if an unforeseen problem occurs.

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The Different Types of Moving

Regardless if you need to only move very few items, or relocate from a small sized home, you can be assured that we have a customizable plan that suits the need of small property moves for home owners that need our moving services.
Request a quote to get an accurate idea of the type of small property moves we offer.

We have a strong & wide network that consist of hundreds of movers located through multiple sections of the country. Residential long distance moves with Pack And Ship Movers will assist you when it comes to creating a customized plan for all residential related moves.

Our long distance moving services spans across the entire globe and we operate in multiple countries. Our International expert team are competent & capable of providing a seamless experience if you plan to relocate to another country.

Regardless if you’re a company employee looking for interstate moving services or if you’re a manager that’s trying to assist your organizations transferees, our company provides VIP services to cater to individuals who need a corporate moving plan.

Reviews We Have Received From Previous Customers

Jimmy S
Moved from Bridgeport, CT to Los Angeles, CA.
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"The team I was blessed with, went above and beyond my expectations. The entire process was simple, straightforward and they were honest about their estimates. I love how they contacted me not only before I moved, but after as well. This provided me with peace of mind knowing that I was dealing with professionals.”
Ivonna C.
Moved from Baltimore, MD to Chicago, IL.
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"Where have you been my whole life? Our moving process was incredible! Our professional movers were knowledgeable on subjects I didn't assume they would know and proved to be incredibly resourceful and supportive. What a memorable experience. Thank you!”
Johanna R.
Moved from Revere, MA to Savannah, GA.
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"I was amazed at how the team worked cohesively to provide a stress-free experience! Our moving trip with Pack and Ship Movers went much smoother than other companies I unfortunately worked with in the past. Highly efficient and affordable."

Create A Plan For Your Upcoming Move

With an abundance of moving related tips and guides out there, the information overload can prove to be overwhelming. Thankfully being the best in the long distance moving industry, Pack and Ship Movers provide some tips to consider when it comes to staying organized and preparing for your move day.

Once you get through the prepping, packing & moving out process, the day of your move-in will prove to be a stress-free and happy one. To ensure that this happens, make sure that your plan is ready when it comes to how you would like to settle in your home. Once you have that established, Pack And Ship Movers can take over from there.

When it comes to irreplaceable personal property, a reputable long distance moving company will utilize a “better safe than sorry” approach. Therefore, we highly recommends that you keep items of sentimental value with you, during the cross country moving process.

Pack And Ship Movers can assist you with our own step-by-step packing and moving checklist. These critical tips will help to save you money & time, also will alleviate the headaches associated with packing & unpacking.

Pack And Ship Movers have experts on standby that can provide you with tips to assist you on your first night box after moving into your new home to ensure a smooth 1st night stay at your new home. As such, we will also recommend that you pack the “first-night box” consisting of essential items that you will need for eating, hygiene, cleaning & unpacking.

Being the best in the long distance moving industry, we are committed to the operational safety of our staff and our clients. Therefore, Pack And Ship Movers make customers aware of items which are restricted such as explosives, toxic substances, flammable gases & more.


The entire moving process consists of various aspects that you need to consider such as additional items you may need to purchase for your new location. Ensure that you create a checklist & double check your checklist so that you don’t overlook anything.

Want to know just how competitive our rates are? Contact one of our long distance moving experts for a free & accurate quote.

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