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Pack And Ship Movers provide customers a wide variety of moving & relocating options. Such services include local moving services, intrastate moving, apartment & condo moving services & many others listed below.

Making a local move?

Pack And Ship Movers deals with helping clients move across town. The company is licensed & insured which has many positive reviews from clients who have used our moving services before.

Our moving company has a registration with FMSCA that allows legitimate moves. The cost charged by the company for their services has no approximate amount obviously because each customers request different packages & moves to various places.

We are the reliable local moving company that provides all moving services. We know that moves are not easy, and as a result, some agents in conjunction with intrastate moving are dedicated in providing customers with quality moving services, making the process easier for you & the family. 

The final value quoted by our moving company depends entirely on the distance between the two distances involved. Each type of move has specific implications & terminologies that one should understand before hiring any movers in the process. Below is a list compiled of moving companies with information to guide you to decide on the most suitable company to hire like Pack And Ship Movers!

Residential Moving Services.

Residential moving services available :

Local Moving Services 
  • This type of move involves local moves, which refer to short distances in the same state. Moving type does not depend on whether your move’s size is large or small, or the distance between the two places is long or short. State lines are the factor determining under which move a shipment lies.
Intrastate Moving 
  • These kinds of moves refer to very long distance moves in the same state. Though they involve moving within one country, they cannot lie under the local moves because they are longer.
Interstate Moving
  • This Moving is different from local and intrastate moving. Intrastate movers involve moving shipments across other states. It is also known as long-distance Moving. To perform this kind of move, you need to get an authorization from Federal Regulators.

Local Home Moving Services

Pack And Ship Movers networks with over 300 agents to provide full moving services within one state. Intrastate agents independently offer local home moving services in their businesses and brands.

Working Relationship Between Pack and ship Movers

Privately owned moving companies work in our network , with the help of intrastate moving agents, Pack And Ship Movers can provide very comprehensive services helping you move within the state. Get a quote & fill in the details regarding your move to get an instant answer today.

Moving Services made Easy!

Apartment & Condo Moving

Pack And Ship intrastate agents who independently operate the local brands & businesses, understand every move’s uniqueness. They work to ensure that they fulfill the moving needs of every customer at their service. 

These movers help all customers, regardless of where they want to move to:  

  • 1 bedroom house 
  • 1-3 bedroom apartment
  • studio apartment 
  • storage unit 
  • dorm room.

Packing and More

Below are the services that local movers offer :

Full & Partial Packing Services
  • If you are moving or planning to move, there is no need to stress because our movers got you covered packing.
Unpacking Services
  • Unpacking and organizing are essential and time-consuming; therefore, these movers offer you the hand you need to settle in your new home.
Trash & Debris Removal
  • Empty cartons and other waste material resulting from the moving activity need elimination while offering cleaning services.
Other Services
  • Depending on regulations of your locality or state. The services may include installing electronics, crating fragile items & many others.

Finding Local Moving Companies.

Movers differ in the way they carry out processes and other things. Moving is not easy, and for this process to be successful, a customer has to provide all vital information to their choice of local moving companies. These details include the date of moving, addresses-origin & destination, number of bedrooms and others.

Full-Service Local Movers.

Moves involving with full local moving services means that It’s among the most hands-on services we offer that include heavy lifting throughout the process and packing & unpacking. This service is perfect for customers who do not want to involve themselves in physical tasks. A full service moving company like us will do all  the work for you!

Local Relocation Planning

Moving is inevitable; in the end, everyone experiences the process. The packing phase is one of the most crucial stages & any mover with experience cannot ignore it. Our agents will give customers a chance to choose which local packing services work best for them, full or partial packing. 

They offer customized crating for fragile items & DIY packing for furniture.

Pack And Ship Movers has a license for long-distance moves, local moves, international moves & corporate/government relocations.

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