International Moving Services

If you are moving abroad, you need to have an excellent International moving company like Pack And Ship Movers to make the process as smooth as it can be.

International Movers

We at Pack And Ship Movers have adequate experience in shipping luggage internationally for our clients abroad, and you can count on us to deliver on your expectations, giving you an outstanding moving experience. We have outlined the essential services we offer to clients around the globe, in this piece.

Generally, Pack And Ship Movers offers exceptional moving services in many countries around the globe. We have an international team that comprises professionals of elite status that can offer you a suitable moving plan that will fit into your budget. Our team also ensures that you are involved in every step of the moving process, which gives you the confidence that your luggage is safe while on transit.

We have outlined the international move process below:

Pre-Move Consultation

At Pack And Ship Movers, we offer you excellent consultation service with our team of professionals. Ideally, during the consultation, you will be able to review the details of your move, and the information about all the luggage you want us to transport. You will also be able to review the services that you wish to get from Pack And Ship Movers Company.

Book Your Move

Primarily, when you are done with your consultation, and your moving quote is concluded, you can now book your move. After the international booking of your move, we will provide you with a moving manager who is part of our international move management, and they will act as your contact during the transit period.

Move Management

The moving manager that we will assign you will be in charge of coordinating all the logistics involved in your move. For instance, he will be in charge of confirming your moving date, assisting you in compiling all your paperwork, and they will also help you to arrange and track your goods while they are on transit.

Packaging & Loading

At this stage, our international movers will come to your place of residence to help you to pack all the items you want to move. They will do all this as per the plan you will have already chosen to use in moving your belongings.


After the international movers are done packing all your belongings, your belongings will be moved either by land, air, or sea, depending on the method you have chosen to use.


After your luggage has arrived at your destination, our movers will deliver them to you through our international delivery services, and you can settle and relax in your new residence.

International Moving Plan

While moving abroad is exciting, it also comes with its fair share of challenges, and that is where Pack And Ship Movers come in, to help mitigate the risks and challenges involved. We are committed to helping you with your initial quote, your custom clearance, your moving plan, and we also help you in choosing the best mode of international transportation of moving your luggage to a new country. We at Pack And Ship Movers usually build customized moving plans for all our clients according to their preferences and personal specifications. We have outlined our customized moving plans below.

  • Custom Clearance management
  • Personal Move Consultation
  • Global Property Protection
  • Custom International Moving Services

International Moving Services

The international relocations we cover for you entails several elements :

International Moving Consultation

Our team at Pack And Ship Movers have adequate knowledge and experience in international moving planning, and they will offer you proper consultation, which will boost your confidence in international transportation of your belongings with us. Our team will recommend the best services that will fit into your budget, while at the same time, meeting all your requirements. Our team will also give you the proper advice on how you can adequately track your belongings while on transit.

Customs Clearance Management

The move consultant we give you will be able to give the proper guidance in international moving planning when you are clearing your customs. Moreover, the consultant will guide you when you are tackling the complexities of your customs, and they will also guide you when you are undergoing the documentation process. They do this so that they can help you to know the items that are restricted and cannot be moved.

Full Packing & Storing

We also offer you full packing services to streamline the clearance process of the customs for international relocation. Besides, we also offer you a safe storage solution for all your belongings. The cost of these services is included in your move cost.

Property Protection

We at Pack and Ship Movers offer you protection for your belongings when they are on transit during an international relocation. Ideally, we plan ahead of any unforeseen damages that may occur to the luggage during the moving process.

Moving Services made Easy!

Overseas Corporate Relocation

While international moves for the firm’s employees are essential for the growth of the firm, the logistics involved in the relocation may be complex for the firm to understand. 

We at Pack And Ship Movers have the experience, the expertise, and the technical know-how that is needed for a successful overseas corporate relocation

We have the capacity of executing the moving process, while at the same time minimizing all the risks that could be involved in the process, and we do this while remaining under your budget. 

We aim to provide your employees with the best possible relocation services so that they can settle in their new location, and for them to be productive as soon as they arrive.

Single Point-of-Contact

All of your employees will be given move managers to act as their point of contact during their overseas relocation, and they will also be responsible for providing support & consultation services to your employees when they are on transit. 

Ideally, the move manager is there to act as a personal guide to your employees in the overseas relocation, to ensure that they get the best relocation process and experience.

Tri-Regional Capability

At Pack And Ship Movers, we have regional headquarters across America, Europe, and Asia. It allows us to give your employees the best overseas moving services regardless of the location.

Commitment to Quality & Compliance

Our main long-term goal is to deliver the best quality of overseas moving service to all our clients. Generally, our certified process has been key in helping us to maintain an excellent standard in terms of integrity and the outstanding quality of services we offer to our clients.

Moving Tips and Guides

International moves are very exciting, but if you do not prepare adequately, it may not be a smooth ride for you. Our professionals at Pack And Ship Movers usually advice our clients that diligent planning and adequate international packing & loading is the key to ensure that you have a successful move internationally.

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