How To Safely Pack Mirrors For Moving

How To Safely Pack Mirrors For Moving

Packing Mirrors For Moving

If you plan on moving to another dwelling, it is important to understand how much help Pack And Ship Movers can provide. With so many other tasks to tackle, empowering professionals to do what they do best is a very wise thing to do. You may take on list making, updating your utility accounts and looking into how to change your address while the pacers and movers take care to set your things up properly for transportation.

It may seem intuitive to simply buy boxes and throw anything in that fits, but choosing professional packers will mindfully wrap fragile items and organize things appropriately so that they may be towed away without any complications. Small items from the same room will most likely end up with similar items. Likewise, larger items might be moved in special packing cartons. Sometimes, protective padding will help to ensure that your things stay in place and secure while moving.

Furniture, fine art and mirrors often call for special care. You might be interested in how we provide service so as to keep your things from harm, damage or disturbance while in transportation to your new home. If you’ll take some time to research our moving services used, you might find that Pack And Ship Movers takes extra care of your special need items. We will ensure that we are experienced with securing fragile things in your home or office so as to maintain the integrity of your property throughout the packing and moving transition. In example, please read on for a few pointers about how to pack a mirror.

How to Pack a Mirror

We offer this service to you and we’d like to share with you how we take special care of mirror glass while moving. We have experience in how to safely pack mirrors for moving by providing specially padded cartons. The first step to packing mirrors for moving is to select a cardboard box that is the same size or slightly larger than your mirror. If you save the cardboard box that enclosed the mirror when you purchased it, you might find that could be the best option. Alternatively, movers can provide a special padded carton for you. Here are a few ideas to help you pack with special care:

1. Make a Protective Barrier

Packing mirrors for moving starts with creating a pad that extends the full width and length of the mirror. This can be created by crumbling paper and adhering that crumbled paper around the edges and along the entire bottom of the box you choose to pack the mirror. This should create a paper bed so as to cushion the mirror when it is set into the box. Next, wrap the mirror itself in plastic or padded foam so that the entire mirror is wrapped and enclosed inside the protective wrap. If you have access to bubble wrap, plastic wrap with air pockets designed into it, it’s a good idea to wrap it from the front to the back and back again. This creates a nice bed of air within the cardboard box to cushion your fine mirror.

2. Create a Protective Wrap

To prevent the protective wrap from slipping, use a piece of tape to secure the wrap in place around the mirror. When the wrapped mirror is secure, set it inside the box on top of the protective paper barrier that lines the box. You’ll notice that there are gaps or perhaps an uneven surface. We recommend crumbling paper and tucking it in and around any gaps that you see in the box.

3. How to Pack Items with your Mirror

Sometimes, you might have a pair of mirrors or you may have room for something else in the box. If this is true for you, it is ok to place another item or a matching mirror in the same box. Simply wrap the item in protective covering and be sure to surround each item with plenty of padding. That will keep items from shifting or moving around so that they remain secure during packing and moving transportation.

4. Label Your Mirror Crate or Box

Another good idea when you think about how to pack a mirror, is to place a label on each side of the box. You might use a label maker or a sharpie to write directly on the box. During transportation, the box might get tucked behind other boxes that are the same size. Labeling a box is important when it comes to packing mirrors safely because you will be able to handle that particular box with care. Differentiation in your moving box’s content is best when each side of the box is labeled with the content inside.

5. More Than One Mirror?

Moving, packing & more mirrors can become a bit much for one person to handle. If you can’t handle all of this work alone, check online for moving services used in your area. Often, you will find testimonials and reviews and that will help you to understand what another person’s perspective might have been with a particular company. Sometimes, you might find ideas that will help you pack special items in bulk in a different way. However, this method has worked for our professional movers and packers for quite some time and this method will protect your glass from being damaged or broken during transportation.

6. How Heavy is Your Mirror?

When it comes to how to safely pack mirrors for moving, the weight of the item is important. In the previous example, we used a cardboard box. Stone mirrors or heavy weight items might require a wood box so as to support the item with strength. To make a box on your own, you can measure the heavy mirror that you need to move. At your local hardware store, you can buy small planks that will line up to an adjacent plank so as to nail them together and create a ninety degree angle. When you line up both sets of planks, they should support each other so as to create a box.

7. Invest in a Custom Crate

Another idea is to look for a crate or box online. You can order boxes that are already constructed and that option will require a bit less math and labor. When looking for a box, be sure to check the weight that it is guaranteed to support. If you weigh your item before you start shopping, you’ll be sure to select a box that will move and transport with ease. Alternatively, Pack And Ship Movers can provide special crates for you.

We have craters that craft these wooden crates especially for you to move your items safely. The are made to support heavy weight items, art and heavy mirrors. If you’ll reach out and let us know the specific measurements and weight of your special item, we will simply provide a special crate to protect, pack and move for you.

Pack And Ship Movers

We appreciate your interest so as to understand and learn how to safely pack mirrors for moving. Please save this article so as to use to for reference when you move. We are available to help you with moving, packing & more.

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