How To Plan A Garage Sale For Moving


How To Plan A Garage Sale For Moving

Host a Moving Sale to Save Time & Money and let Pack And Ship handle the rest

Moving can be exciting, but it can also be scary and overwhelming. Pack And Ship Movers help make moving much simpler because they do all the labor for you. While you sort through things, keep an eye out for things that you really don’t want or need anymore, keep in mind your future home and what will fit in it, set those items aside. Now is the time to simplify your life by unloading any unnecessary baggage. Those items you set aside can be sold off to help with the cost of moving. We are going to walk you through how to plan a garage sale for moving.

Here are some suggestions of items you might want to set aside

  • Magazine, books, textbooks, or comic books you no longer need or want.
  • Clothing that does not fit or that you have not worn in the last year.
  • Shoes that do not fit or are worn out etc.
  • Craft and school supplies you no longer need.
  • Duplicate Items.
  • Furniture you know you do not want in your new home.
  • Dishes and small kitchen appliances you don’t want or intend to replace anyway.
  • Toys the children have outgrown.
  • Tools, repair supplies, or yard equipment. If you’re moving to an apartment, you don’t need a lawnmower.
  • Curtains or drapes that will not fit in your new home or match your new interior.
  • Broken items that can’t be fixed or repaired.
  • Items that may have gained value that you wish to sell.
  • Remember to get rid of those old socks that have holes in them as well.

As you cull through your belongings and your pile of items to get rid of grows, you will realize you could help pay for your move by holding a moving sale or garage sale. If you plan appropriately, you can quickly unload all that stuff and make a few dollars. If you are using Moving Services, you might save more money by having a smaller load.

Some Pack And Ship Movers offer an entire trailer or a portion of a trailer as they move multiple households simultaneously. Also, bear in mind that if the moving services charges for supplies and adds to your bill later on, they can include boxes, tape, packing & more. Having less to pack will save even more money. Make sure you ask Pack And Ship Movers what extra costs or fees they may charge with Packing & More services.

Plan Your Garage Sale

Let us talk about how to plan a garage sale for moving that will make your life much more straightforward. We will provide you with some checklists that will help you organize and plan your garage sale quickly and efficiently. Follow these steps, and you will be off and running in no time.

Contact City Hall, get necessary permits for your garage sale

Set the Dates and hours, usually Friday and Saturday from about 7 am-3 pm, and Sunday, you can hold the last chance sale.
Contact neighbors. Multiple sales at the same time draw bigger crowds.

Scout The Area

Drive around your neighborhood and note any good locations for signs. Corners are great, especially with an arrow drawn or painted on the sign.
Signage is essential. Pick good locations, write large so drivers can read at a glance, draw arrows when you can. You can even use balloons to draw attention before drivers pass them.

Get Signs Up

Make sure you get creative with your signs. Use bright colored poster board, glitter, balloons, anything that will draw more attention.
For advertising, be sure to Include newspaper advertising and social media.

Plan The Sale

Ok, now that you have gotten started, we can talk about planning a garage sale in more detail. The following ideas will help you organize, create an inviting location, pricing, and other extras you may want to consider doing. Remember you are planning a garage sale for moving. The following instructions will improve your results dramatically.

Get Organized

Go back through all your items and sort them by categories IE: clothing, book, dishes, toys, tools, furniture.
Create a catalog of all your items, make each page a category. List every item individually so you can write down prices later.
Ensure all pathways are clear and safe, garden hoses rolled up, leaves and debris cleared away.

Plan your layout

Tables need access from all sides, clothing hung within easy reach, large items such as furniture are so that buyers can look them over thoroughly. Display your items neatly and in categories. If you have any electrical items for sale, set up an extension cord for buyers to test the products, or you can keep them plugged in, which attracts attention to the items.

Set up a table where you keep your catalog, money box (filled with small bills and loose change). Have boxes, bags, packing & more to provide buyers with a way to carry off their newly purchase goodies.

Clean all the items so they look attractive

Wash all clothing, wipe down toys, dust off books, and make sure furniture looks good. If you are selling anything with drawers, be sure they are empty and wipe them out as well.

Price Them All

Be sure to put a price on every item or a clear sign near items with price. While pricing your items, watch for antiques you might want to research before selling those. Have your inventory catalog nearby, and as you price each item, write down the price in your catalog and mark down the lowest price you will accept. Prices should be around 25% to 50% of store value, depending on each item’s condition. If you want to sell everything quickly, you can go much lower.

Get’n Ready

Get up about an hour or more before your sale starts. It is common to have early birds show up who want to get the best items before anyone else gets them.

Go In With The Deal

Do not hesitate to wheel and deal if people want to buy in bulk. Offer a discount to bulk buyers. The more they buy, the less you must deal with later.
Never fear the haggler. Your catalog will keep you on track. If they offer an amount less than the price, counteroffer above that amount. This process will continue until you both meet in the middle.

Let’s Get Moving

If you have done everything on the lists provided here, then you are ready to go! Get a great night’s rest and be ready for your customers bright and early. It’s going to be a great garage sale, and when it’s all over, you can donate any leftovers to charity, so you won’t need to pack them. Now you are ready for Pack And Ship Movers to finish up moving you and your belongings to your new home.

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