How To Pack The Living Room For Moving

How To Pack The Living Room For Moving

Packing The Living Room For Moving

Of all the places in your home, you need to pay attention to the living room when packing for a move. This is the place with delicate electronics such as television, small room essentials like figurines, and books, and expensive furniture.

With all these living room items, it may not be easy to pack the living room for moving. Worry less, Pack And Ship Movers offer various ways of how to pack your living room for moving.

Assemble all the Packing Essentials

Assembling all your essentials is one of the important ways of packing the living room for moving. Since there are a couple of things you need to assemble before you start moving your living room essentials, ensure you have the following ready;

  • Packing tape
  • Felt tape markers
  • Tissue papers
  • Packing papers
  • Sturdy Boxes
  • Paper pads

With the limited pacing essentials, finding some of them may not be easy. The connection of Pack And Ship Movers offer you suitable moving services to enable you to move effectively.

Select, Sort and Simplify

Moving with every living room can be not only overwhelming but also demanding in terms of time, cash etc. This is why you need to sort, select and simplify some of these items before you make a move. If possible, go through every room cabinets or room shelves to ensure you don’t leave anything behind.

Also, while selecting and sorting out living room essentials, you will be able to identify items that you need to sell at the garage or that you need to donate out.

Therefore, selecting, sorting and even simplifying becomes another must-done activity of how to pack the living room for moving.

Pack all Wall Decorations and Draperies

Before you start moving out of your living room, don’t forget to pack all of your wall decorations and Draperies. Ensure you remove all the wall pictures and mirrors such as drapes, blinds, and sheers.

Consequently, not all the living room decorations are removable. Some involve paints and original art that require a Moving company involvement. So, it is essential to rely on the moving companies as they offer excellent packing services to enable you to move comfortably.

How to Pack Frames & Mirrors

Frames and Mirrors are some of the must-have living room essential you should have. They are prone to fault when mishandled especially during moving. Due to this, it may be stressor during the time of moving to the new living room.

Luckily, Pack And Ship Movers as one of the moving companies offer reliable packing and moving services. At the time of moving, ensure you avail frame and mirror packing essentials such as blank newsletters, masking tapes and picture boxes that are necessary for packing and moving services.

Prepare Your Furniture for Moving

Preparation for furniture for moving also becomes an essential way of how to pack the living room for moving. Furniture preparation is a process, it entails taking care of couches, coffee table, music system, and rugs from any course of fault and damage. While you are preparing for the Packing for the living room, follow these techniques.

How to pack couches and chairs

Furniture such as chairs, couches and tables forms the basis of the living room. You should not take the safety of your furniture for granted, you need to rely on the moving companies as they are conversant in packing & more services, they use clean wrapping materials, and polyethylene plastic covers for wrapping to guarantee you the safety of your furniture.

Coffee & End Tables

Just like the other living room furniture, coffee and end tables is also a delicate house essential that needs to be handled with care to avoid damage. Before you move them, they should be cleaned, disassemble where possible for ease of moving. To ensure effective coffee and end table moving, don’t hesitate to hire reliable moving company.

How to Pack Area Rug

Rugs are the essentials that make the house tidy. Before you pack them ready for moving, ensure you vacuum and shampoo the rugs, ensure you roll them up tightly and place a layer of tape around the roll at the centre to keep it together. Later, place the entire rug inside the Rug Storage Bag.

Organize Your Electronics

In the modern generation, full of delicate electronic devices, packing a living room for moving is not easy. Just imagine how to pack devices such as DVDs, Televisions, sound systems, among other valuable electronic devices. Worry not; here is a breakdown of how to pack your electronics.

How to pack a TV

Televisions & electronics are the source of entertainment in the living room, and whether you’re moving to any walk of the world, you need to move with them. When packing the living room, begin with unplugging the cords, uninstall the TV from the mounting place, and insert it in a comfortable TV kit before sealing tightly with a tape.

How to Pack Other Small Electronics

There are other small electronics that you also need to move with. So, whether you have small electronics such as gaming consoles, DVRs, monitors and computer towers, you need to equip yourself with either small, medium and large boxes for comfortable packing and move.

When packing these small electronics,

Ensure you remove external devices from the electronic before you pack them in the designated boxes. If possible, unplug all the cords; wrap them neatly in a place using either zip or tape.

Moreover, since it is easy to misplace small electronic gadgets such as remote control, try packing them in one small box with cords or even in a box with TV so that they’re all together. Thereafter all these, you will find yourself at a place to identify every electronic device of your house.

Remember to Pack Lampshades and Chandeliers

Packing Lampshades & Chandeliers are one of the living home essentials. In fact, it is rare to find a house without either a lampshades or Chandeliers. Not only they provide light to the room, lampshades and Chandeliers also play a part in the beauty of the living room. Therefore, when packing the living room for moving, ensure you get services from a reliable company for effective packing and moving.

Before you start packing of these lampshades and Chandeliers, ensure you avail boxes, tapes, and blank newsprint that will enable you to carry with ease.


  • Prepare strong and sized box for packing lampshades and Chandeliers
  • Align newsprints over the top layer of the boxes to avoid damage of the lamp edges
  • Gently place lampshades and Chandeliers in separate boxes to avoid any further damage
  • Close the box tightly, tape it shut, place a mark with a marker pen to portray warning they are fragile, and they need gentle handling.

Once you’ve done all these, expect to have safe all your lampshades and Chandeliers in your new living room.

Bottom Line

There you have it, packing the living room for moving needs a lot of effort and time. Since some of the items are delicate, and for perfection, you need to ensure you adhere to the procedure to the latter. Therefore, when the need for moving arises, take your time and follow the steps of how to pack the living room for moving.

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