How To Pack Shoes For Moving

How To Pack Shoes For Moving

How To Pack Shoes For Moving

When you are moving, you must pack up everything in your life that you normally never touch. Your shoes sit on a rack or in the box. You never need to move them around your house, and you wear them when you leave the house. Now that you are moving, you must understand how to pack shoes for moving. Your moving crew Pack And Ship Movers are willing to help you, but you might want to pack your shoes independently. Because of this, you should learn how to pack shoes for moving, organize your shoes, and move your shoes to your new home.

Each step listed below will change the way that you move and organize your closet in the future.

Do Not Throw Shoes in a Large Box

When you are packing, you should not throw all your shoes in one large box. This course of action may be tempting because you are trying to get your house packed as quickly as possible. There are many moving parts that you do not want to deal with, and throwing your shoes in a box solves your problems.

Moving services are happening around you, but you should spend a little more time on your shoes. Packing shoes for a move can be much easier than you think. Even after you pack your shoes, you also need to unpack them, let them air out, and rearrange them when you get to your new home. You cannot do that if you throw your shoes in one large box.

Do You Have Shoe Boxes?

When you are packing shoes for moving, you should use the box. Some people prefer to keep their shoes in the boxes all the time. If this is the case, you can move your shoes to the moving truck or your personal vehicle. If not, you need shoe boxes. You can order boxes for moving shoes, and you can even order shoeboxes just for moving.

Once you have shoeboxes, you should lay each pair of shoes in the box opposing one another. The shoes do not lie on their soles as if you are wearing them. You lay one shoe on its side, and you turn the other shoe the opposite way so that they fit in the box. Basically, you make a rectangular shape with your shoes when they go in the box.

Now that you have your shoes in the boxes, you must label each box. Some people think of their shoes as their “strappy sandals” or “hiking shoes” because they do not know the style names. You can write your description of the shoe on the lid and the front of the box.

Make sure that the lids close properly. If they do not, you should use a small strip of masking tape on both sides to keep the lid closed.

Should You Put Anything in the Box with Your Shoes?

You can crumple some paper or old newspapers or magazines in each box to prevent the shoes from moving around too much. This step is very important because you do not want your shoes to slide around the box. You also do not want the shoes to scuff one another. If you think that does not happen, you should think of how the shoes were packed when you buy them. The manufacturer puts all that paper in the box to keep the shoes in new condition.

What if You Don’t Have Boxes?

If you do not have shoeboxes, you can use packing paper. Lay out the shoes just as they would be placed in a box. Roll up the shoes in the packing paper, tape the paper shut, and label the paper. You can unpack the shoes as you would normally, and they can be placed anywhere you like.

If you are nervous about damaging your shoes during the move, you can roll them up in packing paper and place them in the box.

A Few Things to Remember When Packing Shoes for a Move

Packing shoes for moving is not as simple as you think. It would help if you were careful because your shoes might have moisture in them. You might prefer to dry your shoes before moving. Set them out on the boxes before you pack. Learning how to pack shoes for moving does not remove moisture from the shoes. You can pack paper in the shoes during the move so that the paper will soak up that moisture.

You can even powder the insole of each shoe if you are concerned about mold growth. Some people who use our moving services also use storage services. If your shoes sit for a while, you can powder your shoes, leave the paper in them, and even purchase a special mothball or dry ball to place in each box.

What if Your Shoes Have a Glossy Finish

Pack And Ship Movers need to pack all your items on the truck and get to your next location as safely as possible. At the same time, they cannot watch over your shoes. Learning to pack shoes for moving includes knowing how to protect the finish on your shoes.

Instead of packing the shoes together, each shoe should be wrapped individually. When you wrap these shoes individually, they will not be scuffed. Polished or patent finish shoes are difficult to shine, and you will prevent any damage by wrapping your shoes with care.

You need help with packing & more, but you also need to take special care to protect your shoes. Pack And Ship Movers can provide you with the supplies you need, and you can get to work on all your shoes. If you need help, members of the moving crew will help you.

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When you need help with packing & more, you will get all the services you need from Pack and Ship Movers. It would help if you learned how to pack shoes for moving, and you can repeat these steps with each pair of shoes. If you have many shoes and your partner does not, you can teach them to pack their own shoes. If you have shoeboxes, packing is easy. If not, you can use packing paper and a little wisdom to prepare for your move.

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