How To Pack Dishes & Chinas For Moving

How To Pack Dishes & Chinas For Moving

Packing Dishes & Chinas For Moving

When it comes to moving dishes, nothing can seem as delicate to pack as your fine china and other dishes. With china typically being passed down through the family, it is no wonder that people like to keep it packed safely as they move.

Sadly, not a lot of people know how to pack chinas for moving. Or they are too afraid of breaking something in the process. The good thing is that you have options when you hire the professionals at Pack And Ship Movers. This is because we take extra care when it comes to moving fragile items. That way your move will be uneventful with all of your packing & more completely safe.

Today, we will provide the process of how to pack dishes for moving. The good thing to keep in mind is that when you pack china and dishes in general, there is no such thing as too much stuff to pack with. Taking an easy way is never a good idea when it comes to dishes being packed.

Have All Packing Material Ready for Prepping

When you have all of your material ready, it can make the entire packing go smoothly. Depending on the amount of china you have, you can also ask family and friends to help with wrapping. You can even create a chain and have your helpers be responsible for certain packing steps.

Before the packing begins make sure that the area is clean. Ensure that there will be plenty of space where you can separate your dishes into “type”. Once you have your work area set, go ahead and gather the following packing material:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Tape
  • Boxes
  • Paper

Place Plates in Separate Paper

With your china plates, each one should have the bottom facing up on each piece. Then fold in the corners and seal it by bunching it up in the plate’s center. If you need, you can secure it with some tape.

Repeat this for every piece so that none of them gets broken. Avoid stacking and wrapping together like we normally would with regular dishes.

Roll Items in the Paper

For dishware like stemware, individual glasses, and vases, place them on the paper and starting on a corner, roll it along the paper’s length. Tuck any excess into the opening. For the other end, twist it and wrap it around its base.

Place Paper inside the Cups and Bowls

As you pack the drinkware and bowls have them centered and individually placed on the paper. Then fold in each corner to the center and place a crumbled piece into the cup or bowls center. This will provide extra padding in the center.

Place Some Bubble Wrap in a Box

With bubble wrap, we’ll add extra cushion inside the box. If you prefer, we can use any material that you wish. The thing is that when it comes to knowing how to pack dishes & chinas for moving there needs to be a little padding space on all sides and bottom of the box.

It is a good idea that individual boxes be used for different china types. However, your china packing will be determined by the moving services that you select to be used. Ideally, there should be a cup box and at most two boxes for the china plates. When you use a small box with a lot of packing it will be more secure during the move.

Pack the Boxes with Caution

As the packing begins, you have an option to utilize a dish pack. It is an option but not necessary. With a regular box, you want to ensure that the box is at least medium size and you are able to place a maximum of 12 china dishes.

Make sure that each box is not too full. With Pack And Ship Movers, you’ll have professionals who know how to pack dishes in boxes. We know that if a box is overfilled, it will cause unnecessary breakage down the road and during transit. Plus, a heavy box is more prone to falling to the ground.

Ensure that all similar china dishes are kept together. You can use these tips if you need a place to start.

  • Cups – Set your china cups on their sides and ensure that enough space is between each so that packing paper can be placed to fill it in.
  • Bowls – Pack the bowls in a vertical fashion within the box, but ensure plenty of space is left so packing material can be placed. If your box has space for a second layer, then some packing can be stuffed to fill it.
  • Dish plates – Your china plates should be packed using an alternating method. This is down by placing it up right and a piece of packing paper on top. Continue this method until you are ¼ of the way from the top. Then fill the box with the bubble wrap or paper on the sides and top.

Secure the Boxes with Tape then Label

A good rule of thumb for knowing how to pack dishes & chinas for moving is by having enough packing paper that is no more than three inches thick. The idea is to have the packing very dense in order for minimal shifting. Once you’ve ensured that no shifting will occur, you can then tape and label it.

Stack and Transport Boxes from Heavy to Lightest

As the move is about to begin, make sure to have your china dish boxes stacked from heaviest to lightest and only two boxes are high enough. Ensure that the lighter boxes are on top so that there is no compromising the cardboards integrity.

If you prefer, Pack And Ship Movers can accomplish this for you in order to educate you in how to pack dishes & chinas for moving. When finished, you will have a better idea of why you should take your time with packing and labeling. Not only is it for knowing what type it is but also the quantity so that it can be assessed for damage purposes. Plus, be certain to label with an arrow pointing to the top as well as a “breakable” label on all sides.

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