How To Pack Bedrooms For Moving

How To Pack Bedrooms For Moving

Packing Bedrooms For Moving

Most movers are frequently asked questions like “how to pack bedrooms for moving” than any other room in the house. Pack And Ship Movers knows this because of most of our customers say that there is a wide variety of items in their bedroom.

Plus, even if you wanted moving services from Pack And Ship Movers, bedroom owners need to understand just how the process really work. Among the mysteries of moving, most, want to know how to pack the bedroom closets. In fact, preparing closets is synonymous with how to pack the bedrooms for moving in most cases.

Declutter first

Regarding closets, packing & more, the first thing that we recommend is you completely declutter your closet. Families are frequently surprised at how much clutter their closets acquire. Closets are the rough equivalent of a familiar theme for roach motels, things in your closet tend to check-in, but never check out.

You may find lots of no-longer-used items such as clothes that no longer fit or you would never wear again, bowling balls and other cluttered sporting goods equipment or more. 

This has happened many times through my life & in particular, when you have movers packing bedrooms for you, they are being paid by the hour, so you hav to be ready to make the move fast. Movers won’t patiently stand by as you declutter your closet the day of the move.

At least two or preferably three days before you move, do all the necessary decluttering for your closets & give away any outdated clothes or no longer functional items such as bowling balls or golf equipment to your local Goodwill or similar type charity.

For those items, you are going to keep and either pack yourself or have packed for you be sure to wash everything ahead of time. The last thing you want to do is move to a new home and immediately feel you need to do a bunch of laundry at your new house.

To wardrobe or not to wardrobe?

Prior to the movers even coming to your house, when asked about how to pack bedrooms for moving, one of their first questions is how many wardrobe boxes will you need.

Wardrobe boxes are the easiest way to move dressy clothes such as men’s suits, women’s high-end dresses, etc. In short, anything you dry clean. A wardrobe box acts like a mini-closet, with a bar, albeit heavy cardboard, for hanging up such clothes.

There is a price to be paid for using wardrobe boxes though, and that’s that they take up a lot of space. In the same space that you can fill up a wardrobe box, a regular box can perhaps hold 4 times as much.

The problem here is one of space vs dry cleaning. Clothes that are stored in a wardrobe box will not need dry cleaning when they arrive at your destination. Instead, you merely hang them up in your new closet. 

On the other hand, wardrobe boxes take up a lot of space in a moving van. So it is wise to sort carefully the many items that can be folded from the few items that absolutely must go into a wardrobe box.

Bedroom furniture

Whenever possible, movers, asked about how to pack the bedroom for moving recommend that you break every piece of furniture down to its finest small parts.This means, for example, breaking down your bed into the mattress, the springs, the headboard and footboard & rails.

You do want to protect your mattress and springs before moving them and the best way to acquire thick plastic mattress protectors for both the bed and the springs. This will keep them clean while being moved, and also make it easier to prevent any damage to one another.

For your clothes chest of drawers, chances are good that there is a mirror attached to it. Remove the mirror from the chest of drawers, and using duct tape and a plastic ziplock bag, put the screws inside and tape all the screws to the baseboards of the mirror.

As to the drawers themselves, why empty them. Instead of using heavy packing paper to wrap and seal the top of each drawer shot once it’s removed from the chest.

Packing Lampshades

As to packing lamps & lampshades, It is relatively simple, even if you have to do it yourself. First, remove the lampshades from the lamp. Lampshades should be packed separately in their own box. Make sure the box is not too tight where you have to squeeze lampshade in, but you don’t want the box to be too large either.

Cushion the lampshade with plenty of crumpled up packing paper. Obviously, you will need to have disassembled the lamp at this point, you should first pack the lamp chord with heavy packing tape. Then take the other parts of the lamp such as the harp & wrap them as well.

For the lamp base, the most fragile part of the entire operation, movers like to use heavy packing pads rather than packing paper. Packing pads are thick and will protect those fragile lamps.

If you have any type of expensive or antique lamp, you might start with a layer of bubble wrap around the lamp base before packing in the packing pad. Small appliances such as clocks or radios will fit into a separate box, and packed with enough packing paper, should make the journey unscathed.


If you happen to have a number of books in your bedroom and use it for an office as well, be sure and divide the books into smaller boxes as they can get quite heavy.

Picture frames are best moved with a significant amount of bubble wrap around them to keep them from breaking. In the end, packing bedrooms for moving isn’t rocket science, but it does take some careful pre-move planning.

Do searches on the internet  as well for “how to pack bedrooms for moving” and you will see this article & if you are hiring a mover like Pack And Ship Movers then ask them with assistance to pack the bedrooms for moving!

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