How To Pack Appliances For Moving

How To Pack Appliances For Moving

Packing Appliances For Moving

Packing & moving your appliances is a strenuous task that demands technical know-how, meticulous preparation, and taking special precautions, particularly for fragile items. Advanced preparation is critical, especially in the transportation of major appliances and home furnishings.

Packing appliances admittedly has the following steps;

  1. Planning.
  2. Preparation for packing.
  3. Packing the appliances.
  4. Moving the appliances.


Having a clear plan on how you wish to undertake packing is crucial mostly because it prevents the loss of valuable items. Losing items during packing is commonplace since people are often in a hurry, therefore forgetting some of the items.

Other advantages of having a plan on how to pack appliances for moving include the ability to stick to the schedule and identify appliances that one may wish to get rid of.

As you plan to pack, there are some things you should do. They include;

Setting up piles

As you plan your boxes, you should label your boxes with the following labels: trash donation, keep and sell. As you pack your luggage, ensure that you have plenty of trash bags, ensure that the piles are labeled clearly, and the trash should be taken out to avoid transferring it to the new premises.


When packing and you realize that another person can use an item, maintain it in that good condition; broken items and cloths stained, frayed, or have holes should not be given as donations.

Sorting room after room

When packing appliances for moving, start with the heaviest one; if you don’t require the items in your new home, you donate instruments. If you decide to keep the household appliances, you should keep in mind the new space’s layout.

Arrange your kitchen

You should dig out the cabinets and see what has been missing in your kitchen. The kitchen appliances tend to be under-utilized; thereby, the missing items should be appropriately arranged to be used in the next home.

Preparing for packing & more

It is the owner’s responsibility to prepare all the appliances and home furnishings destined for moving. Preparation may include;

Removing the removable parts

The homeowner should remove all the removable parts from the appliance, for instance, a microwave tray and the blender blades. Ensure that you handle the fragile items, write the instructions to the movers on reassembling the parts, and attach the instruction before wrapping the package.

Identifying & making arrangements for the fragile appliances

The owner should gather, pack, and label the fragile appliances, particularly those made of glass. In case he will not unpack these items, he needs to inform the packers.

The request for the services of an appropriate technician.

A technician is necessary for the proper preparation of your appliances so that they can withstand the transit to your new home or during storage. Such preparation may include bracing the washer tab, disconnecting the ice maker, and most importantly, capping the gas line.

Though it is an additional expense, hiring a technician is admittedly beneficial. It reduces the likelihood of accidents such as electrocutions, gas explosions, and the damage of your valuable appliances due to poor handling.

Sourcing packing material

Liaising with a united mover agent to service the appliances.

Moving is undeniably tedious. Therefore, you require the services of a united agent who prearranges appliances for servicing before moving. However, this service comes with an additional cost added to the loading bill since it’s provided through a trusted third party.

A Pack And Ship Mover can only move the appliances, but we are precluded from doing the following.

  • Disconnect or connect the following items from or in your new residence washer, ice maker, and dryer.
  • Repair appliances.
  • Disconnect the owner’s home utilities.
  • Install or remove the following television, radio antennas, and air conditioners.
  • He does not provide the following services wiring, electrical plumbing, or carpentry services.


De-cluttering involves getting rid of the appliances that you don’t need. De-cluttering has the following benefits;

Saving money

The reduced moving scale after de-cluttering saves money as you will pay less on hiring moving services and reduced packing time for packers. You can also sell some of those items and make money.


You will enjoy a cleaner place since de-cluttering helps you to transport fewer dusty appliances and household goods. The time you could have used to clean the items may be injected into exploring your new neighborhood, making new friends, and familiarize yourself with new amenities.


De-cluttering helps you feel organized. As you start to pack your appliances, you can come across misplaced or lost items. Therefore, this will give you a grasp of where your items are placed and make a difference as you settle in.


As you move to another town or city, de-cluttering can uplift you down either physically, financially, or emotionally as you cut down on the cost.

Starting afresh

De-cluttering helps you start afresh since unpacking few items will make it easier to decorate; the homeowner can visualize the furniture and decorate each room with new lanes.

Packing the appliances

When it comes to packing the appliances, it is best to employ professional packers and movers. Pack And Ship Movers are ideal for moving the home appliances. They can help you move the goods locally, whether long or short distance. They also offer storage services. Their workers, as soon as they get to your house, start their work immediately.

They are very efficient in packing and ensure that nothing is broken, and treat their customers with respect and honesty. The company is reliable and trustworthy when you call the moving services, they pack their appliances, handle the furniture at their own cost, and ensure the luggage reaches safe.

Pack And ship Movers know how to pack appliances. They require a flat open surface where they can comfortably work. They wrap the breakable appliances and place them on special cartons. The Pack And ship Movers ensure the large and delicate items are covered, and the cushion is placed safely for transit.

Large breakable like crystal chandeliers, the company cuts woolen crates to protect them. The movers also ensure that they don’t allow strangers in your home. They do a background check of their employees to ensure that they are trustworthy.

How to pack appliances for oneself

When packing all the appliances, use the original packing boxes; you have to be selective when choosing the packages. It is recommendable to use small and medium boxes.

Tape the boxes all around using the sealing tape and also use this on preassembled boxes. Ensure you have a new sealing tape since old tape tends to wear off and lose grip over the years, and this would cause a blowout during the move.

Filling the gaps if the cartoon used to carry the appliance has space between fill the holes with scrunched paper. If the item is not breakable, you can add small pots and pans or spoons but ensure that these items are not fragile.

Filling the gaps prevents the household items from preventing staining and scratching. Take care of frying pans since they are notorious for marking up appliances and removing the shiny painting, making sure that the sharp objects are wrapped nicely.

Moving the appliances

Reputable movers recommend their customers to move during summer since the weather is favorable, the children are at home, and packing and arranging appliances will be very easy.

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