How to Move With Kids Easily

How to Move With Kids Easily

Moving With Kids

Finding your dream house is the ultimate goal for every family. Having a place to create memories for you and your kids and mark many of life’s milestones is amazing. Once you are down with the draining work of house hunting, getting a mortgage, and filing papers, the next mountain you will need to overcome is moving.

Making the Big Announcement

Moving into a new space with kids, especially, can be a daunting task. You will need to plan to ensure the transition is smooth and does not affect them in any way, both mentally and emotionally. In this article, we guide you on how to move with kids to ensure they are happy with the process.

Tell them early enough

It is very important to inform your kids about this big step. Moving affects not only you but also your kid’s schedules. They might have to let go of their friends and even move to new schools. For this reason, you must involve them from the very beginning.

Give them a site visit

Before finding a house, it is necessary that you inform the kids you are house hunting and that there may be a big move soon. It would be best if you also informed them when you finally find a house and why not plan a visit to the new house prior to moving.

This will mentally prepare the kids for what is coming, and they will be better prepared for the move. This is a crucial step if you have been trying to figure out how to move with kids without hurting their feelings.

Answer all their questions

You should also be ready to answer any questions they might have. Remember, kids are very curious, and if they are losing their friends, especially, you might have a lot of tough questions to answer. Be as candid as possible, and give them as much information as possible for their age. It would be best if you had a good explanation for the move. 

Remember to keep them interested and always to mention why the move will be good for them too. Talk about things like a space for a playroom, a swimming pool, a beach if there is one, and so on. Keeping them excited is a big part of this stage.

Offer emotional support

Lastly, you should offer emotional support if they are not happy. Be there for them and listen to why they feel the move is not good for them. You must make this process work for everyone.


Create a plan with your kids and layout all the details of the moving week. This should include where they will be during the move, what they will do and what will happen when they get to the new place. Plan every last detail, including the meals you will eat.

Create a moving schedule

This plan should include to-do lists of what the kids will be involved in. It is important to involve them in the packing of their stuff. Create a list for them and give them their own list in advance.

Stick to your normal routines

Wondering how to move with kids without stress? Stick to your normal routines. This is the best way; kids will be able to resume back to their normal lives immediately.

Take advantage of the free time.

While involving the kids is a great idea, involving them in every single step might slow you down. To get things packed and ready as fast as possible, you can take advantage of their naptime. Getting help from Pack And Ship Movers can speed things up a little faster. Pack And Ship Movers will come in handy when doing all the packing & more. Use our movers to help you move with your kids with no strain on you or your schedule.

Pack overnight bags for every member of the family

The first night in a new house can be very confusing. Everything you need is, at this point, neatly packed in a box, which makes it very difficult to go through the evening smoothly. To make your life a lot easier, it would be best to pack everything you need in an overnight dufel bag with the essentials each member of the family will need. This includes stuff like toothbrushes, sleeping wear, towels, and so on.

Color-code the boxes

If you are one of those wondering how to move with kids in a fun way, try color coding. Color coding makes it easy to organize all items, and this makes it easy for kids to help out.

Clean out

You will realize as you pack that there is a lot of junk in your house; there are a lot of items such as broken crayons, old assignments, old toys, and so much more that you do not need. This is a good time to get rid of everything your kids no longer need, and for this, you might need their approval. Ensure you get rid of as much junk as you can so that you can start on a clean slate in your new house.

If there are items that you feel need to go, but your kids feel attached to them, get a little sneaky, and get rid of them when they are away. Just make sure they will not notice, or you will be in trouble. You can assure the kids that you will donate the items to other kids in need. This is one way of teaching them to share with others.

Stay positive

Kids are very sensitive to energy. While moving with kids, you should stay positive during the entire moving process. Kids may suffer from anxiety because of the change in the environment. It is important to keep them in a good spirit throughout the process. Stay positive and keep checking on them.

Get some help

Besides hiring moving services for packing & more, you should get some help with kids. If you have really young kids, it is necessary that you hire a babysitter to help you with your toddlers so that you can focus on planning the move with the moving company. This way, you will not be exhausted and grumpy at the end of the day. You can also get a babysitter’s help if you are moving during the summer when kids are on holiday.

Take some pictures

Just because you found a new place does not mean you should dislike your old home. The memories you made in the old home will forever be part of your kid’s lives. Take some last pictures to remember the good times you had in your old home. You should also give your kids time to bid their friends goodbye before you move.

Give kids time to adjust

Much as it would be great to have everyone like the new home, give the kids some time to adjust. Take them to some fun places in the new area; this could be a park, the beach and so on. Be patient and do not push them.

You should also befriend the new neighbors and encourage your kids to make new friends from the neighborhood. This way, they will not feel so lonely.


Moving is a bittersweet experience. It feels good to have the home of your dreams, but the transition can be hectic. Making the process as smooth as possible for your kids is great in ensuring that you have a less stressful experience. Lastly, get some help from Pack And Ship Movers to make the transition even better. We hope this article has been a helpful that will make moving with kids a great experience for you.

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