How to Declutter Before a Move

How To Declutter Before A Move

Decluttering For Moving

How to Declutter Before A Move – Declutter is the practice of removing unnecessary items from your space or rooms to make it more pleasant when moving. This practice plays an important role, especially when you own too much of house stuff that you no longer use.

Decluttering entails a lot, you must be able to manage, organize, and even clean your surroundings. Failure to do all these can result in the pilling up of the items that cause inconvenience when you are ready for packing and moving. While there are many ways to prepare while moving, below are just a few ways to decluttering before a move.

1. Plan at Least Two Weeks Out

This is one of the ways of how to declutter before moving. Before you start moving, ensure you plan at least two weeks out. Since many wait for the last moving minutes, they forget a lot of their essential items. So, don’t wait until the day before you move to determine what you should pack.

If possible, give yourself time to think, or it is also idea to contact Pack And Ship Movers for relevant experience on moving matters as they are well-informed about their services. We are well-equipped with lots of moving services, they will provide you with excellent packing essentials such as boxes, provide you will transport services.

Moreover, since it is important that you confirm the except measurement of your newly space, this will determine the fitness of your house items such as furniture. We are well equipped with all the moving  essentials to enable you come up with the exact measurements. Therefore, before you think to take any initiative in moving, ensure you plan at least two or more weeks before you move.

2. Come Up With Four Piles: Trash, Keep, Donate, and Sell

You can’t just plan for your declutter out of the blues. Instead, come up with a four piles plan. You can sell, donate, sell, and even trash some of your house items. Prepare yourself with different containers or boxes. If possible, label some of them to enable you to pack the right items.

  • Ensure you arrange them according to their frequency of usage. Determine their worthiness or even pack them according to their current conditions. Mostly, try to estimate an item’s practical value, ignore any of the broken items such as broken wall clocks, outdated items, or even items with mechanical problems that may require repair.
  • You can’t indeed move with all of your house essentials. Some are bulky, and others may be outdated that you only need to sell out to upgrade to the new one. While there are lots of selling platforms that you can rely on, some of them are demanding that they demand many resources, a lot of time that might be tiresome.

You can consider taking some of the identified items to a garage sale agent, selling items online, and visiting a resale shop near you. If possible, consider the middlemen selling practices to help you reach out to the customers on time.

  • When you think that there is someone who could get enjoyment or use from your house items, or you may have things you’ve not been using, this is the time to give them out.

While you are planning to give out as donations, here are some of the list of items you need to donate; books, clothes, game items, costumes, linens, toys, and books, among others.

  • Not all items in your house are valuable. Some are just considered as leftovers. There is no need to move with them. Therefore, you only need to dispose of them out.

3. Go Room By Room

This is another important way of how to declutter before moving. Since moving involves a lot of rush, or waiting until the last minutes can lead to moving delays. Sometimes, some of the moving companies provide unethical packing & more services that may not appeal to you.

So, to be sure of excellent declutter, in the comfort of your home space, Pick a room with the least cluttered, have your four piles ready. This will enable you to every item in the right pilling box.

Ensure you have all the essentials that will help you separate the stacks & clear labeling for easy remembrance

However, the worst mistake many people make is that, they always begin packing with lightweight items leaving the heavy behind. Later, they will find it a hindrance to finish with the heavy ones. Therefore, start with heavy items such as tables, sofas, dressers, entertainment systems, beds, etc. If you have the hire an extra work force form a moving company. Don’t hesitate to hire a moving company to provide you with reliable moving services.

Moreover, the way you declutter your bedroom should not be the same as how you do in your kitchen. Here is how you should declutter your house spaces. For Instance;

  • This is one of the sensitive places in a house. While decluttering for moving, your kitchen needs a lot of attention. Dig into the cabinets, shelves, and even kitchen gear to get access to your kitchen essentials.
  • This is another essential room in a house, and before you consider a moving company for moving services, take your time and go through your wardrobe step by step to ensure you pack for the essential items such as clothing, shoes, and even books and magazine that may need a move.
  • The bathroom, as part of your house, also has a list of essential items. For instance, soaps, lotions, bath products, colognes, and perfumes are must-move with items. Therefore, start with the medicine cabinet before you proceed to the other bathroom items. Therefore, this is how to how to declutter before moving in your bathroom.
Living Room/Dining Room/Family Room
  • This is a place in your house with all sorts of items. You are likely to find either small, big, and even medium items. The place can also have wobbly and broken chairs, Worn-out, stained, or dated area rugs, and even chipped and broken picture frames.
  • This becomes an essential room for your house for storing some of the attic items. Here is where paint containers, leftover construction materials, holiday decorations, and even pet cages are stored. Sometimes it may not be easy to move with your sentimental items. For effective moving, ensure you hire a reputable moving company that provides you with packing & more services.

Overwhelmed? Worry not! This is when you need to hire Pack And Ship Movers as they are well  equipped with many moving services & also experienced on which types of items you need to move with. We also recommend whether you should sell or donate out.

Bottom Line

Given that excellent declutter before moving will provide you with a tremendous moving process, you should always choose the best ways of decluttering before moving. However, with many other ways of decluttering practices provided by shoddy pack and ship movers, finding the best company giving clear guidelines might not be that easy.

Good News is that, as you’re searching for the ways to declutter your room before moving, you will be able to save time and money when the big moving day arrives. The less valuables you have, the easier the moving quote will be.

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