Covid-19 Moving Insights & Trends

Covid-19 Moving Insights & Trends

Prompted Moves Due to Covid-19

Recently Pack And Ship Movers released some interesting Covid-19 Moving Insights & Trends relating to their customers during this covid 19 pandemic and the motivation to move and a pattern the movement is taking place. Pack And Ship Movers conducted this survey to determine the customers they moved around march and august of 2020.

Concern For Family & Personal Health

The aim and the focus of this survey were to determine and reveal the primary contributing factors and the decisions that prompt them to move amid the Pandemic. Similarly, the survey also meant to investigate how the Covid-19 Moving Insights pandemic influenced the decision to move over time.

Covid-19 Moving Insights & Trends

Some of the outcomes from the survey conducted by Pack And Ship Movers were quite interesting, so to say. For instance, one of the questions the survey meant to answer revolved around how Covid-19 Moving Trends affected and influenced the customers’ decision to move. 

The responses Pack And Ship interviewers got as some of the factors associated with Covid-19 Moving Trends include the following:

  • Most clients were highly concerned about their family, close relative’s well being, and health.
  • Secondly, most clients who moved during this Pandemic wanted to be close to their relatives, families, and loved ones.
  • One area that covid 19 disrupted is how we work, and this significantly contributed to a lot of people moving from one place to another. Employment changes also contributed to people’s Moving during the Pandemic, as many companies required employees to work from home or remotely.
  • Lastly, people’s desire to improve their lifestyle or have a better quality of life necessitated greatly to people moving from one location to the next.
  • Another interesting bit about the Pack And Ship Movers survey was that of people who were influenced directly by the covid-19 pandemic. 

The survey found out that approximately 64 percent of them expedited their Moving during the Pandemic compared to about 9.6 percent of those who were not influenced and affected by the Covid-19 Moving Insights pandemic.

Pack And Ship Movers collect their data nationally, having a broader countrywide coverage of their services. Thus, this finding signals the national outlook and how people are moving during the Pandemic. Similarly, the Pack And Ship Movers data is quite critical. It can tell a lot about what the ordinary American citizens who are about to decide to move are experiencing.

The Challenges

Pack And Ship Movers customers highlight most of the challenges they face and the adjustments they have to make when prioritizing what to do, conquering and solidifying the survey findings on the current trends during covid 19 pandemic. With almost everything shutting down, the survey found out that most people re-evaluated their priorities and decided to move close to their families. This finding cut across the entire nation, especially with massive job cuts, and no available opportunities, friends, and relatives became a priority.

The Trends

Another exciting trend and finding brought about by covid 19 pandemic were the health guidelines on social distancing; this saw many companies and businesses introduce remote work stations. What this did is that it allowed people to move from the city life and move to either beach house where they could enjoy themselves a bit and away from the busy city life. Pack And Ship Movers found out that many customers they interviewed preferred working from a less stressful beach house rather than getting locked up in the city.

Also, moving to a small community prompted most people who had a work from home arrangement to opt to move.

Based on the Pack And Ship Movers statistics, for the same period last year, there was a national decline in the Covid-19 Moving Services request between March and May in 2020 and 2019, respectively. For instance, in March 2020, the data recorded indicated a sharp decrease of approximately 26 percent in moving requests.

By April, the trajectory shifted slightly with a slight decline in Covid-19 Moving Services with a 31% decrease in a number of requests. Interestingly, when you compare Pack And Ship Movers data for the September 2020 period with data collected the previous year,2019, you will be surprised that the number of move requests shot up by approximately 32% compared to last year in September. This data signaled a peak in the moving season that we used to witness either late spring or probably in early summer.

Let Us Explain

When you compare interstate movement, Pack And Ship Movers were surprised to note that the New York City outbound movement request was way higher and a state like San Francisco. It was in comparison with the rest of the country, which did not experience much movement requests. 

In April, New York witnessed a decline by one percent compared to the national movement request average data, but surprisingly, by May, the outbound request from the same state was a whopping 55 percent. By August this year, New York alone had an average outbound request averaging to about 52 percent above the national movement request average. On the other hand, San Francisco was quite different in terms of outbound request behavior compared to New York because their outbound request rose steadily with an average of 3 percent between July and August 2020.

In recent months Pack And Ship Movers have moved from their traditional way of doing things and shifted their focus and attention towards their clients. All this aims to understand their customer’s motivations to move during the Pandemic and how they can best meet their customers’ needs.  

Sticking to Guidelines & Protocol

Pack And Ship Movers get committed to adhering to the set-out safety guidelines and protocols while moving their customer’s goods. Our movers regularly commit to conducting surveys mostly to understand their customers’ needs and provide them with better future options.


Happen to take and digest the data collected by Pack And Ship Movers on the states with the highest number of outbound movement where covid 19 pandemic was the main contributing factor. You will be surprised to note that Washington D.C leads the pack, followed closely by New York and Nevada, in the third place. Other states which recorded high outbound Covid-19 Moving Resources requests include Delaware, Oregon, California, and Minnesota.

Inbound States

Similarly, when analyzed with a view of inbound movement with Covid-19 Moving Insights pandemic as the influencing factor, the same Pack And Ship Movers data found a high number of inbound activity in Vermont states, North Dakota and Montana. Other states like Connecticut, Michigan, and Arkansas also recorded an increased number of inbound movement requests based on Pack And Ship Movers.

Every customer that we move makes sure they fill a survey form not later than the fifth day upon movement. All the data that was collected during the customer survey gets analyzed, and the findings are the one that enables the company to make some conclusions and decisions concerning move requests.

Pack And Ship Movers 

The company not only provides Covid-19 Moving Resources, but we as well offer shipping services to our vast network of clients. We pride ourselves as the number one best moving company in the United States, and we commit and promise our customers across the board that we will continue to do our best to maintain the same status.

During this pandemic, our doors are wide open, and our staff gets well trained in health measures and standards to follow. Our customers and clients are free to reach out if you have clarification or a query; we are glad to help! We’re not your ordinary moving company; we’re the largest moving company specialize in good household movements. 

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