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Pack and Ship Movers is the company that provides reliable corporate Moving services to all. We take pride in our reputation for top-notch services that put each client’s unique needs first. Our processes & systems are highly efficient in helping ease corporate relocation stress for you & your employees.
Corporate Moving Services

Corporate Moving Services

At Pack And Ship Movers, we know too well that each of your relocation needs is unique. Therefore, we strive to develop a solid corporate relocating strategy tailored to each company’s specific needs. While at it, we guarantee quality moving services regardless of your company size, employees’ luggage size & destinations.

If you are a transferee moving with a lump sum, our team of experts will help streamline your corporate moving process so that you focus more on your new assignment. Relocating on your own can be stressful, but when you involve Pack And Ship Movers, you can rest easy to let our team efficiently deal with all the challenging tasks associated with moving. We will help you with packing, storage, unpacking & car shipping services.

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Quality Corporate Services

Pack And Ship Movers has high-quality corporate packing services that ease stress & save time. Some of our exceptional packing services include:

Full packaging services

We provide epic full corporate packing services to all our corporate clients regardless of their destination. We understand corporate moves needs a lot of planning & extra assistance. Let our professional crew do all the hard work for you.

Partial packaging services

Our corporate moving service are custom-made for our partial packing services so that you identify specific packing tasks, rooms & items you need assistance with & which ones you can handle by yourself. Let us help you get your moving be as smooth as possible.

Unpacking services

Unpacking items once they arrive at your destination can be tired-some. But with our organized unpacking team, you are guaranteed seamless unpacking that won't lead to any damages or loss. Pack And Ship Movers will unpack all the boxes so you can focus on the essentials.

Trash & Debris removal services

When relocating we don't leave you by yourself to handle all the additional tasks in your new office. We will return a few days after delivery to remove any debris, empty cartons & any other packing related trash from your space. Get a quote and inform us the best time to send our team over to help.

More Corp. services

Pack And Ship Movers provide custom crating services for any specialty or fragile items like office machines & electronics, in addition to any other important office items. Apart from packing, we also can ship your corporate vehicles to ease your relocation so you can worry about other important tasks.

Corporate Storage Services

Are you a corporate relocation coordinator in need of exceptional all-around moving & storage solutions? Pack And Ship Movers boast of broad experience with up-to-date equipment to handle various corporate services. Our exceptional corporate storage service offers short term & long term storage for your relocation.

We understand some moves need a little extra time, and the unique in-transit storage services we offer allows your employees spare time to make final plans on their move-in dates. If you are a worker relocating to your new job and need more time to look for a new home, or the ideal one is not ready on your arrival, we will help you with perfect long term storage services.

Pack And Ship Movers offers corporate moving insurance against unintended loss or damage to your items on transit. Our Full Value Protection plan is part of the corporate moving protection plan and is intended to benefit you if the unfortunate happen.

Suppose your employer has not made other arrangements with Pack And Ship Movers. In that case, your moving quote will come, including the primary Corporate Full Value Protection option ideal for several longer-distance office moves. Under this protection plan, if damage or loss occurs during the movement, Pack And Ship Movers will gladly incur the cost of repair or replacement of your personal belongings.

Pack And Ship Movers may also opt to offer you other appropriate compensation per the type and number of the shipment protection you choose. Vital terms and conditions apply, and it is advisable to inquire from our coordinator on crucial details of the option you select.

Corporate Moving Protection
Corporate Moving Service

Do you want to know more about our exceptional corporate relocating moving? Please take a look at our corporate services FAQ’s for answers to some of the most pertinent questions.
Pack And Ship Movers offers incredible international moving services while following the FMCSA‘s rules & regulations.

If you are a transferee in need of an ideal corporate moving company, or you are a manager striving to help your company’s transferees, Pack And Ship Movers guarantee a corporate relocation process that is smooth, simple, reliable & seamless. Follow the simple outlined steps below to get started:

Step 1 : Request a quote online

To get started, click ” Get A Quote ” and enter all the essential details which include your preferred moving dates, type of residence, contact information, origin zip code & destination zip code.

Step 2 : Schedule a survey

Once through with step 1, wait for a call from a representative of Pack And Ship Movers asking you to confirm move details you provided in step 1. You will also discuss any special move needs. Afterwards a survey of the belongings that is being moved is scheduled.

Step 3 : Survey your belongings

An experienced estimator will undertake a survey of all your items to give you an idea of the costs involved. Afterward, someone will send a moving estimate for your review.

Step 4 : Plan your move

Once you are satisfied with all the steps above, our move coordinator will be at hand to help you with the entire relocation process. You will receive expert moving tips & resources to enhance your planning and moves.

Let’s Get Moving!

If you are a transferee or a corporate relocations manager who needs exceptional all-around moving & storage solutions, contact Pack And Ship Movers for a free quote today. Our team is waiting to offer premium custom made services for you.

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