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About Us

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Pack And Ship Movers is a full-service moving company that can take on any & all of your relocation requirements. If you’re interested in long-distance or local moves, we have your back. If you’re interested in commercial & residential moves, we got you covered. Contact our team to ask for any moving quote A.S.A.P !

If you check out the sections below, you can learn more about Pack And Ship Movers like our company history & general background. You can even find out about openings that may enable you to become a member of our staff. We welcome new staff members on a routine basis here.

Leadership & Company History

Find out about the reason our company exists. Find out all about the consummate professionals who make things happen for Pack And Ship Movers day in & day out.


Take a close look at our company's newest and most relevant happenings & press releases. Stay in the loop with all of our activities & plans.

Track My Shipment

Do you have a shipment with Pack and Ship Movers? If you do, then you can track it with the assistance of your order number.

Submit a Claim

Are you trying to file any kind of claim? If you are, then you can send in your claim via the Internet. This applies to claims that revolve around relocation projects of all sorts.

Find Careers

Do you want to find out about any & all available positions through Pack And Ship Movers? All you have to do is check out our in-depth careers selection. We update the listings for our available jobs all of the time.

Drive for Pack and Ship Movers

Pack And Ship Movers is a company that's constantly searching high & low for all of the most talented and experienced drivers to accommodate our relocation projects. If you're a qualified driver, we're more than looking forward to hearing from you.

Moving Tips for You

It’s not only critical to know about us. It’s just as critical to learn about any and all things that may simplify your upcoming move in a big way. If you take a look at our blog, you’ll be able to get all sorts of helpful, practical and realistic moving suggestions that actually work. 

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